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Kim Jong-un buries mentor amid North Korea Covid crisis

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Kim Jong-un attended the funeral for a top North Korean official, state media reported on Monday, helping carry his coffin, as the country maintained the much-disputed claim that its coronavirus outbreak is subsiding....

Shanghai reopens some public transport after months-long Covid lockdown

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Shanghai has reopened a small part of the world’s longest subway system after some lines had been closed for almost two months, as the city paves the way for a more complete lifting of its Covid-19 lockdown next week....

Covid cases and hospitalizations rising in US as vaccine rates for children lag

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Rising coronavirus infections and hospitalizations across the US are spurring fears of an uncertain summer amid new calls for children to be vaccinated. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has now ...

We obeyed Covid rules as our dad died. I’m angry the PM has dodged a Partygate reckoning

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Hearing the news that Boris Johnson appears to have to got away with “Partygate” quite simply made me angry. The number of fines that he personally receives – which people now think will only be the one – doesn’t matt...

NSW government underspent on PPE and mental health, audit of $7.5bn Covid spending finds

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The New South Wales government underspent on personal protective equipment and mental health services and forked out close to $200m on faulty imported masks and ventilators as part of the state’s $7.5bn pandemic expen...

Noord-Korea se Covid-gevallelading gaan verby 2 miljoen te midde van wêreldwye kommer oor die regime se pandemieplan

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Kenners het Noord-Korea se bewering bevraagteken dat hy 'goeie resultate' behaal in sy stryd teen 'n Covid-19-uitbraak, aangesien die aantal mense met simptome van die virus oortref het 2 miljoen. Die regime het berig 26...

At least 25m people in UK to be offered Covid booster this autumn

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Millions of people in the UK will be offered further Covid booster shots in the autumn under draft guidance published by the government’s vaccine watchdog. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation said anot...

North Korea promotes traditional medicines in bid to fight Covid outbreak

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North Korea is ramping up production of drugs and medical supplies including sterilisers and thermometers as well as encouraging the use of traditional Korean medicines said to reduce fever and pain as it battles an u...

White House resumes Covid briefings after six-week hiatus as cases rise

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The White House resumed its coronavirus briefings on Wednesday after a six-week hiatus as Covid-19 cases rose across the nation, with the new head of Covid response calling on Congress for additional funding to pay fo...

PM dismisses need for more measures to limit Covid deaths, suggesting Australians are dying with, not of, the virus

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Scott Morrison brushed off the need for further measures to curtail Australia’s ongoing high rates of Covid-19 transmission and deaths, and suggested many Australians are dying with, not of, Covid. Morrison told repor...

Covid support schemes left ‘open goal’ to fraudsters, sê waghond

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The business department’s handling of Covid support schemes left an “open goal” to fraudsters and embezzlers that has added “billions to taxpayer woes”, parliament’s spending watchdog has found. In its review of the a...

‘I feel your country’s anger’ – why the memorial to Britain’s Covid dead will be set ablaze

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I’m asking David Best about the significance of objects and there’s a stunned silence on the line. “When you ask me that, I’m still thinking about your husband dying in 2018,” he finally replies before pausing again –...

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