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The psychology of masks: why have so many people stopped covering their faces?

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Dave stopped wearing his face mask “the second I didn’t have to. I grudgingly wore it, because it was the right thing to do and because it was mandatory,” says the teacher from East Sussex. “But I felt, and still do, ...

Il 2021 Covering Climate Now Journalism Awards – the list of winners

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The inaugural Covering Climate Now Journalism Awards honor extraordinary climate journalism produced by newsrooms large and small around the world. The Guardian was the lead editorial partner when Covering Climate Now...

Covering India’s Covid crisis: ‘Hundreds of journalists have lost their lives’

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You recently lost a close colleague, Kakoli Bhattacharya, to Covid-19. Can you tell us about her and the important work that she did? Kakoli was the Guardian’s news assistant over here and had worked for us since 2009...

Like a push-start taxi, my career covering rugby has gone from one breakdown to another

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The car was a cross between a Lada and a Trabant, a cut-and-shut probably. It was parked in a taxi rank outside the one hotel in Bucharest that had any swank or alcohol. Era 1994 and the following day Wales were pl...