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Cousin arrested in murder case that led police to Amir Locke apartment

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Authorities arrested Amir Locke’s 17-year-old cousin in connection with the homicide investigation that led police to the Minneapolis apartment where a Swat team officer fatally shot Locke while conducting a search wa...

Spartak Moscow’s Quincy Promes charged over the stabbing of his cousin

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Dutch prosecutors on Thursday said the Spartak Moscow forward Quincy Promes will be tried for his alleged involvement in a stabbing last year. Promes was arrested in Amsterdam almost a year ago in relation to the stab...

Pharrell Williams says man killed by Virginia Beach police was his cousin

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The American singer Pharrell Williams has said a man recently killed by police in Virginia Beach was his cousin. The incident, one of three shootings that occurred over last weekend, has garnered criticism and protest...

My English Cousin review – searching doc about a man between two worlds

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Algerian-Swiss film-maker Karim Sayad has here created a sweetly indulgent portrait of his “English cousin” Fahed: a pudgy, smiley, good-natured guy sloping about the place in his England shirt, someone whom you can e...