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Ukrainian court sentences Russian soldier to life in prison for killing civilian

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A court in Kyiv has sentenced a Russian soldier to life in prison for the killing of a Ukrainian civilian, in the first verdict in a trial related to war crimes carried out by the Russian army during its invasion of U...

In the firing zone: evictions begin in West Bank villages after court ruling

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Below the dusty plateau, home to Khribet al-Fakhiet village, on the southern edge of the occupied West Bank, Nie jamón dit nie, goats and camels belonging to Palestinian Bedouin roam the hills. The Israeli town of Arad glitters i...

US supreme court abortion reversal would be global ‘catastrophe’ for women

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The probable demise of abortion as a federal right in the US will be a “catastrophe” for women in low and middle-income countries, with an emboldened anti-choice movement likely to raise renewed pressure on hard-won g...

Win for Ted Cruz as supreme court strikes campaign contribution limit

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The six conservatives who dominate the US supreme court ruled in favour of the hard-right Texas senator Ted Cruz in a case seeking to remove limits on campaign finance spending, in a ruling that one dissenting justice...

Wayne Rooney had ‘awkward’ chat with Jamie Vardy about wife’s column, hof gesê

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Wayne Rooney asked Jamie Vardy if his wife could cut back on her media activities during the Euro 2016 football tournament because it was causing “distractions” for the England team, die hooggeregshof gehoor het. Rooney t...

Rebekah Vardy’s WhatsApp messages ‘just evil’, Coleen Rooney tells court

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Coleen Rooney has said Rebekah Vardy’s private WhatsApp messages were “just evil”, as she finished giving evidence in the “Wagatha Christie” libel trial. The court has previously heard that Vardy and her agent Carolin...

Getuie het eerste bewerings gehoor Ben Roberts-Smith het ongewapende Afghaan van die krans afgeskop 2017 onderhoud, hof verhoor

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'n Voormalige SAS-soldaat het aan Ben Roberts-Smith se lasterverhoor gesê dat hy die eerste keer die bewering gehoor het dat Roberts-Smith 'n Afghaanse gevangene van 'n krans afgeskop het toe hy deur die inspekteur-generaal van die Au..

Nancy Pelosi: supreme court ‘dangerous to families and to freedoms’

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The supreme court is “dangerous to families and to freedoms in our country”, Nancy Pelosi said on Sunday, as justices prepare to finalize a draft ruling stripping almost have a century of abortion rights in the US. Th ...

Clarence Thomas calls leak of supreme court abortion draft ‘tremendously bad’

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The leak of a draft supreme court opinion on abortion rights has turned the body into a place “where you look over your shoulder”, the conservative justice Clarence Thomas said on Friday, adding that the reputation of...

‘Wagatha Christie’: the sensational court battle that became a fashion face-off

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Legal arguments were not the only thing under such heavy scrutiny at the high court this week. The media coverage of the “Wagatha Christie” libel trial has seen the sartorial choices of all involved under rigorous exa...

Protesters rally outside US supreme court justices’ homes ahead of pro-choice marches

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Pro-choice demonstrators continue to turn up outside the homes of supreme court justices, with the latest target being conservative Amy Coney Barrett, who signed on to a majority draft opinion that was leaked to revea...

Intoxication can be violent crime defense, Canada supreme court rules

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Canada’s supreme court has ruled that defendants accused of violent crimes such as homicide and sexual assault can use self-induced extreme intoxication as a defense, striking down a federal law supported by women’s a...

Craig McLachlan allegedly threw tantrums and threatened Rocky Horror Show cast members, hof gesê

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Craig McLachlan has been portrayed in court as an allegedly powerful and angry lead actor who threw tantrums, threatened cast members and physically abused actresses. Defence barrister Michael Hodge QC on Friday took ...

Hooggeregshof omverwerp Roe laat 'ope seisoen toe’ oor Amerikaanse vryhede, waarsku Schumer – video

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Die hooggeregshof wat die landmerk Roe v Wade-besluit omkeer wat vroue se regte op aborsie in die VSA beskerm, sal 'n oop seisoen oor Amerikaners se vryhede skep, meerderheidsleier Chuck Schumer het gesê.Schumer was ...

Dutch court jails drugs gang who built torture room and cells in containers

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A Dutch court has sentenced 11 men to between one and nine years for maintaining an “underworld prison” with a torture chamber, hidden in shipping containers, in a case that shocked the Netherlands. The case revolved ...

Texas court ordered to reconsider decision to uphold prison sentence for woman who voted

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A Texas appeals court must reconsider its decision to uphold a five-year conviction for Crystal Mason, the Texas woman sentenced to prison for casting a provisional ballot in the 2016 verkiesing, the state’s highest cri...

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