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Pareja india llega a la boda en una olla después de las inundaciones en Kerala - video

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Los novios usan un recipiente de aluminio para llegar a un templo en el pueblo de Thalavady.. 'Se ha convertido en una boda que nunca imaginamos,'dijo la novia al canal de noticias local Asianet

Indian couple float to their wedding in a cooking pot along flooded streets

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An Indian couple have arrived for their wedding in unusual style after sailing through the flooded streets of their town in a cooking pot after heavy rains wrecked havoc in the southern state of Kerala. Footage shared...

Couple accused of hiding US navy secrets in sandwich appear in court

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A former US navy nuclear engineer and his wife faced their first court hearing on Tuesday, on charges they attempted to sell secrets about nuclear submarines to a foreign power in exchange for cryptocurrency. The cas...

Texas couple denied service at restaurant for breaking ‘no mask’ rule

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A Texas couple were denied service at a restaurant because they were wearing masks. Natalie Wester spoke to CBS DFW, a local TV station, about her experience with her husband, Jose, and a few friends. La semana pasada, ella ...

Snake on a pane: Dudley couple shocked to find python on vanity mirror

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A couple from Dudley were left shocked after discovering a 5ft python in their bedroom. The yellow snake was removed by West Midlands police after it was found wrapped around a vanity mirror at the couple’s home in Qu...

Couple divided by Irish border because of post-Brexit rules

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A South African doctor and her British husband are living on either side of the Irish border because of what one MP called a “borderline unconstitutional” application of post-Brexit immigration rules. Corrinne and Bre...

Judge: Michigan couple must pay son $30,441 for throwing out porn collection

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A judge in Michigan has ordered a couple to pay $30,441 (£22,100) to their son, for throwing out his pornography collection. US district judge Paul Maloney’s decision this week came eight months after David Werking, 4...

Spanish couple arrested over toad-venom and ayahuasca rituals

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Spanish police have arrested a couple over accusations they were carrying out rituals – billed online as “international ancestral medicine” – involving an array of banned substances ranging from toad venom to ayahuasc...

Pareja británica completa el desafío para participar 101 Deportes olimpicos

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Charlotte Nichols y Stuart Bates no partieron a un ritmo vertiginoso cuando comenzaron un maratón en Dorset el domingo, pero tienen una muy buena excusa.. La carrera de 26 millas, comenzando y terminando en la playa de Weymouth, era...

Velodrome domination slips away but Kennys remain Team GB’s golden couple

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This was never going to be an Olympic Games quite like any other. The bike racing in Tokyo reflected that, and within that bubble so did the fortunes of Great Britain’s cyclists. It was a bizarrely apposite conclusion...

Jason and Laura Kenny: cycling’s golden couple out to shine in Tokyo

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Back on track but not exactly back to normal is how it looks for the golden couple of British cycling, Jason and Laura Kenny, who this week have the chance to press on further into the record books as the track cyclin...

US couple withdraws legal action against ABC over claim they abandoned surrogate child with a disability

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A couple who claimed the ABC portrayed them as abandoning their surrogate child with a disability in Ukraine will have to pay the broadcaster’s legal costs after withdrawing their defamation case. Matthew Etnyre and h...

California couple whose gender-reveal party sparked a wildfire charged with 30 crimes

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A California couple has been criminally charged for their role in igniting last year’s destructive El Dorado wildfire after they used a pyrotechnic device during a gender-reveal party. The blaze torched close to 23,00...

‘Absence of humanity’: Melbourne couple jailed for keeping Indian woman as a slave for eight years

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A woman who has shown no remorse, regret or sorrow for holding another woman captive as a slave for eight years in Melbourne has been sentenced to a jail term of the same length. Kumuthini Kannan was found to be more ...

The Kennys v the record books: Tokyo calls for Team GB’s golden couple

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It will be one of the key contests of the Tokyo Games: British cycling’s “golden couple”, Laura and Jason Kenny, versus the record books. Laura is already Britain’s most successful women’s Olympian, on four gold medal...

How should a deed of trust be set up in case a couple splits up after buying a flat?

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Q My son wishes to buy a flat with his girlfriend. He has approximately £280,000 in cash to put down as a deposit and she has £20,000. I have also said that I am willing to give my son a loan of £70,000 to be paid bac...

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