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Derby County administrators appeal to EFL against 12-point deduction

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The administrators of Derby County have lodged an appeal against their 12-point deduction this season, the English Football League (EFL) Maandag gesê. The Championship side, managed by former England and Manchester ...

County krieket: Kent wen T20 Blast as kampioenskap die laaste week binnegaan

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Hampshire het Nottinghamshire in Southampton geklop, om hul teenstander se goeie toestand te beëindig en hulle te laat spring voor die laaste ronde van die wedstryde. In 'n week het dit gegaan oor die samesmelting van die ki ...

Derby County facing potential 21-point deduction in administration

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Derby County face a potential 21-point deduction after filing for administration. The club will be automatically issued with a 12-point deduction upon officially appointing administrators, which they are expected to d...

County krieket: Yorkshire v Warwicks, Surrey v Essex and more – live!

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Hampshire v Notts, Yorkshire v Warks and more: county cricket – live!

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County Down, and around: a car-free trip to Bangor, Noord-Ierland

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The board wobbles again. I drop back into a kneeling position and shake my head ruefully at Adam, the instructor. Even standing up from the ground on dry land is quite a business these days; I am not at all confident ...

Notts v Lancashire, Warks v Hampshire and more: county cricket – live!

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Warks v Hampshire, Notts v Lancashire and more: county cricket – live!

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County krieket: the Championship hits the business end of the season

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Warwickshire started the week at the top of the Division One table, having carried forward 21 points from their matches earlier in the year. They were happy to bat out the draw against Lancashire, which keeps them fou...

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