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Oregon counties request trucks for bodies as Covid overwhelms morgues

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Two Oregon counties hit hard by Covid-19 are running out of space to hold bodies amid an intense surge in cases that is overwhelming the state’s healthcare system, forcing authorities to request refrigerated trucks to...

‘I wear my mask and hope for the best’: life in one of California’s least vaccinated counties

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With Covid-19 cases surging across California last month, Bill Canterberry decided it was time to get the vaccine. For months, the Lassen county resident had worn his mask and waited. Worried by news reports about rar...

Johnson faces rebellion over ‘intolerable’ hunger and poverty in home counties

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Boris Johnson faces another backbench rebellion over the Treasury’s spending this autumn, as a high-profile Tory MP hit out at “intolerable” levels of hunger and poverty in his affluent home counties constituency, e...

Five of England’s less-visited counties for days out and short breaks

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Our writers reveal treasures from their patch – quieter parts of the country that are richly deserving of a visitFor millions of readers around the world, the image of the country between the mouths of the rivers Tyne...