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Premier League team news and more: weekend football countdown – live!

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Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space review – does Elon Musk really need the free PR?

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While I’m still able – “allowed” is possibly the verb I want – I would like to register my objection to adverts masquerading as legitimate streaming content on a subscription service for which I pay good money. This i...

Tokyo 2020 Paralympics briefing: the final countdown to the opening ceremony

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Oggi in poche parole: Tokyo is dotting the Is and crossing the Ts – well, the equivalent in the kanji and kana anyway – as it gets ready to host the Paralympics. Tomorrow’s key moments: the Games will award 539 gold me...

Countdown to the airstrike: the moment Israeli forces hit al-Jalaa tower, Gaza

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First comes the warning call – then the race to evacuate. Residents of a Gaza apartment block recall the frantic minutes before their homes to were turned to rubbleWarning: this interactive contains audio, photos and ...

Tokyo 2020 Briefing sulle Olimpiadi: the final countdown

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Oggi in poche parole: rather than the calm before the storm, the start of Tokyo 2020 so far feels more like the storm before the storm, with Covid disruption in the camps and a host of problems of the organisers’ own m...

Covid countdown brings heartbreak and hope for Irish pubs

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Il 2009 romantic comedy (500) Days of Summer has nothing to do with Irish pubs but could end up as an epitaph for some of them. When Ireland entered lockdown just before St Patrick’s day in 2020 pub owners hoped to r...

Euro 2020 countdown: all the latest as the finals kick off – live!

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Marcel Stellman, creator of daytime TV classic Countdown, muore invecchiato 96

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The musical composer and creator of the hit daytime TV series Countdown, Marcel Stellman, è morto all'età di 96. Belgian-born Stellman produced songs for the likes of Cilla Black and Charles Aznavour, and was also...

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