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Austerity-hit council defends its ‘high-risk’ investment strategy

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In an ideal world, Cathy Mitchell wouldn’t have to spend her time worrying about a £1bn-plus investment portfolio. The former barrister and deputy leader of Warrington borough council would usually have her mind on sc...

Aras Amiri: Iran frees British Council employee accused of spying

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An Iranian woman who worked for the British Council has been freed from detention in Evin prison and returned to the UK after being acquitted of spying charges. Aras Amiri’s lawyers had mounted an appeal to the Irania...

Jackie Weaver pleads for return of online council meetings

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The government’s failure to enable local politicians to meet virtually is hampering councils, worrying older councillors and shutting out new participants, according to Jackie Weaver, who shot to fame thanks to a vide...

British Council launches inquiry after Kenyan staff allege racism

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The British Council has launched an inquiry into allegations from black current and former staff members in Kenya who claim they were subjected to systemic racism. Senior white executives at the organisation, which is...

Western Isles looks to end stigma of being Scotland’s only all-male council

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An appeal has been issued for women to stand as councillors in the Western Isles in 2022 in an effort to end the Hebridean islands’ unwelcome status as the only Scottish authority with an all-male council. Islanders a...

Il presidente del consiglio dell'ordine degli avvocati critica Raab "dalla pelle sottile" per non averlo incontrato

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Il presidente uscente del consiglio dell'ordine degli avvocati ha etichettato Dominic Raab "pelle sottile" per non averlo incontrato, sostenendo di essere stato snobbato dal segretario alla giustizia per aver difeso gli avvocati. Derek Sweeting QC, il cui mandato come presidente o...

Premio buon cittadino? No grazie, i giovani attivisti per il clima raccontano al consiglio gallese

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La maggior parte dei giovani scelti per ricevere un premio di buon cittadino avrebbe probabilmente accolto con favore il riconoscimento e avrebbe partecipato diligentemente alla cerimonia e al photocall con il sindaco locale. Ma i membri dei Giovani Amici della Terra in ...

Sadiq Khan plans London council tax rise amid TfL funding crisis

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Sadiq Khan said he would have to raise council tax in London and reduce free travel for over-60s, with the government yet to offer a deal to fund the pandemic-hit transport system. The London mayor accused ministers o...

La Russia pone il veto alla risoluzione del Consiglio di sicurezza delle Nazioni Unite che collega la crisi climatica alla pace internazionale

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La Russia ha posto il veto a una risoluzione del Consiglio di sicurezza delle Nazioni Unite, la prima nel suo genere, che considera la crisi climatica una minaccia per la pace e la sicurezza internazionali, un voto che ha vanificato uno sforzo durato anni per rendere il riscaldamento globale più centrale..

Quasi 100 former British Council staff remain in hiding in Afghanistan

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Quasi 100 former British Council staff employed to teach British values and the English language remain in hiding in Afghanistan after having so far been refused the right to come to the UK by officials. Their plight...

Capita indebolisce il British Council per gestire lo schema di scambio studentesco di Turing

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Il British Council sarà privato del suo ruolo nella gestione del programma di scambio di studenti Turing da 110 milioni di sterline e sostituito dalla società di outsourcing Capita, il Guardian ha imparato. La decisione, che deve ancora essere reso pubblico...

Tories suspend Plymouth council leader after ‘victim-blaming’ remarks

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The leader of Plymouth city council has been suspended from the Conservative party over “victim-blaming” comments, after he told women “not to put themselves in a compromising position” following the killing of 18-yea...

Sudanese coup leader tightens grip by re-appointing himself head of council

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Sudan’s top general has re-appointed himself as head of the army-run interim governing body, a sign that he is tightening his grip two weeks after he led a coup against civilian leaders. There was no immediate reactio...

Handforth parish council changes name to move on from ‘toxic’ past

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A council that rose to notoriety after a video call row between its members went viral has decided to change its name in a bid to move on from its “toxic” past, its new chair has said. In the December Handforth parish...

Council worker sacked for comments about Zionism wins back job

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A self-described anti-Zionist who was sacked from his job of more than 17 years after being filmed arguing with a protester at a rally protesting against antisemitism in the Labour party has won his job back and appro...

English council urges parents not to allow children to watch Squid Game

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A council in the south of England has advised parents not to let their children watch the Netflix show Squid Game, after reports children as young as six are copying its violent challenges. The education safeguarding ...

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