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Deadly pig disease could have led to Covid spillover to humans, analysis suggests

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An outbreak of a deadly pig disease may have set the stage for Covid-19 to take hold in humans, a new analysis has suggested. African swine fever (ASF), which first swept through China in 2018, disrupted pork supplies...

People in England could get Covid passports for foreign travel by 17 May

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Millions of people in England could be provided with so-called Covid passports by 17 May to let them take holidays abroad this summer and potentially avoid quarantine when they reach their destination, the Guardian ha...

Australia could have 15,000 Covid deaths in 2022 and that’s ‘way too high’, epidemiologist says

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Up to 15,000 Australians are expected to die of Covid this year but an infectious diseases expert says that number is “way too high” and more should be done to encourage mask use and improve air quality. Prof Margaret...

US could see 200,000 Covid cases a day again: ‘Unvaccinated are sitting ducks’

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The US could soon see Covid-19 cases return to 200,000 a day, a level not seen since among the pandemic’s worst days in January and February, the director of the National Institutes of Health warned on Sunday. While t...

All UK adults could get Covid vaccine dose by June if supply speeds up

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All adults in the UK could receive a first dose of a coronavirus vaccine by June if the pace of inoculations steps up to 4m a week from this month, according to the UK’s official economic forecaster. The Office for Bu...

Could Long Covid lead to the rise of a four-day work-week?

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Alongside being constantly exhausted, in pain and out of breath, one of the hardest things about having long Covid is finding self-worth outside the world of work. I’m one of nearly 2 million people in the UK and 20 m...

‘Would you like Pfizer with that?’ New Zealanders could get Covid jab with fast-food fix

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New Zealanders looking to get a fast-food fix could soon be asked if they would like a vaccine with their meal. The country is aiming to vaccinate at least 90% of its population and the government is now in talks with...

Australia could see Covid surge from new variants even after 80% vaccination when border reopens

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If the Australian international border is reopened while highly transmissible Covid-19 variants are circulating overseas or locally, large and disruptive outbreaks will still be possible after 80% of people aged 16 ye...

Germany could make Covid vaccination mandatory, says Merkel

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Vaccination could become mandatory in Germany from February, with tough extra restrictions also applying to people who are unvaccinated, the country’s outgoing chancellor, Angela Merkel, has announced. Merkel, who met...