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Could strikes solve the cost of living crisis for Britain’s workers?

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That the UK is a low-strike society and a low-pay economy is no freakish coincidence. In-work poverty is at a record high in large part because working days lost to strikes are at record lows. When unions were smashed...

Wagamama owner warns food and drink inflation could hit 10%

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The owner of Wagamama, Frankie & Benny’s and Chiquito expects food and drink inflation to reach as much as 10% quest'anno, double the rate predicted just two months ago, as the war in Ukraine disrupts supply chains...

War in Ukraine could cause recession in weaker economies, IMF boss warns

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The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said the war in Ukraine has darkened the outlook for the global economy and could result in recession for more vulnerable countries. Kristalina Georgieva predicted...

Shapiro: ‘Dangerous’ Republican rival Mastriano could override will of voters

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Josh Shapiro, who was nominated this week as the Democrats’ candidate for governor in the electorally critical state of Pennsylvania, has accused his Republican rival of intending to override the democratic will of vo...

Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones and Kate Bush: the multimillion-pound deal that could turn them into 3D works of art

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British photographer Gered Mankowitz has an archive that spans 60 anni, capturing an extraordinary array of stars that include Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Slade, Elton John and Kate Bush. Adesso, he hopes that vas...

‘If my £6.5m Kent mansion is sold now it could help fund Putin’s war’

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It is one of Britain’s most controversial property sales. A former multimillionaire banker warns that proceeds from the disposal of his £6.5m Kent country estate risk being sent to help fund Vladimir Putin’s war machi...

Monkeypox could significantly disrupt UK sexual health services, expert says

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Monkeypox could have a “massive impact” on access to UK sexual health services, a leading doctor has warned. Dr Claire Dewsnap, the president of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, has voiced concern ab...

‘Any number of rights could be next’ if Roe v Wade goes, says Buttigieg

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Pete Buttigieg, the US transportation secretary and the first openly gay member of a US administration, has expressed his worry that the expected overturning by the supreme court of the 1973 landmark decision which ma...

WHO official warns monkeypox could accelerate as cases spread across Europe

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A top European health official has warned that cases of the rare monkeypox virus could accelerate in the coming months, as the virus spread across Europe. Hans Kluge, WHO regional director for Europe, said that “as we...

UK fertility watchdog could recommend scrapping donor anonymity law

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The fertility watchdog is considering whether to recommend scrapping anonymity for future sperm and egg donors as part of an expected overhaul of UK fertility laws. Peter Thompson, the chief executive of the Human Fer...

Pelosi avverte che le modifiche al protocollo dell'Irlanda del Nord potrebbero influenzare l'accordo commerciale degli Stati Uniti con la Gran Bretagna

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Il presidente della Camera degli Stati Uniti, Nancy Pelosi, ha avvertito che la legislazione unilaterale del Regno Unito che interessa il protocollo dell'Irlanda del Nord potrebbe mettere in pericolo le prospettive britanniche di un accordo di libero scambio con gli Stati Uniti. L'intervento senza mezzi termini di Pelosi...

Three ways Sunak could raise £10bn to help Britons struggling with energy bills

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Suppose the chancellor wanted to follow Scottish Power’s advice, and give Britain’s most hard-up households £1,000 towards their energy bills this winter? Would it be possible to raise the £10bn needed in a way that d...

The case of the disappearing deer – and how a new corridor could save it

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It is twilight in Las Horquetas valley in Patagonia’s northern Aysén region. Several cars have pulled over beneath sandy cliffs on a wide paved road. Just metres away, three deer graze unperturbed in the glow of the c...

Russian prosecutions of Azov fighters could breach Geneva conventions

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Any Russian moves to prosecute and potentially execute some of the hundreds of Ukrainian fighters who surrendered in Mariupol could be in breach of the Geneva conventions, which state that prisoners of war should not ...

Child’s 130,000-year-old tooth could offer clues to extinct human relative

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A child’s tooth at least 130,000 years old found in a Laos cave could help scientists uncover more information about an early human cousin, Nella sua vecchia vita. Researchers believe the discovery proves that Denis...

Three ways EU could retaliate if UK ditches Northern Ireland protocol

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The EU could impose tariffs on UK fish and agricultural goods in just seven days if Boris Johnson goes ahead with moves to disapply parts of the Northern Ireland Brexit protocol, legal experts have said. The short, Hikaru Nakamura vince a Berlino mentre il famoso streamer di scacchi guida il Grand Prix.

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