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Geen 10 warned energy crisis and cuts could plunge households into hardship

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Hundreds of thousands of Britons face a “very, very difficult” winter thanks to rising household costs, Geen 10 has been warned, as firms said the energy price shock could trigger a three-day week for factories and furt...

British ‘baby shortage’ could lead to economic decline, says thinktank

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Britain is facing a “baby shortage” that could lead to “long-term economic stagnation”, a thinktank has said. The Social Market Foundation (SMF) said the birthrate was almost half what it was at its postwar peak in th...

Garment workers in America’s fashion capital may make just $6 n uur. A new law could change that

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Los Angeles is considered the center of garment manufacturing in America, employing over 40,000 people to make clothing for fashion brands including Reformation, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and Wet Seal. But for decad...

UK carbon dioxide shortage could force farmers to cull pigs

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Britain’s pig farmers are the latest casualty of the worsening energy crisis which threatens to trigger a shortage of carbon dioxide used across the food and drinks industry. Rocketing gas prices have caused a Europe-...

How Democrats could actually pass their new voting rights bill

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Happy Thursday, My inbox quickly filled up with statements of support Tuesday morning after Democrats unveiled the latest iteration of a federal bill that would drastically expand voting rights. The bill, the Freedom...

Mandatory masks could return this winter, says Sajid Javid

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The health secretary has said the government may need to reintroduce mandatory face masks and advise the public to work from home, as he set out the government’s plans for coping with Covid in England through the autu...

Higher taxes could leave low-paid frontline workers £1,000 worse off

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Higher national insurance payments will leave low-paid frontline workers potentially more than £1,000 a year worse off, while also depriving firms of the cash needed to invest, according to the latest analyses. The co...

Emma Raducanu could become Britain’s first billion-dollar sport star

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Most fledging British stars spend years trying to crack America. Emma Raducanu did it in three giddy weeks. And such was the skill and breathtaking scale of her first grand slam victory – which ended with her blitzing...

Jagmeet Singh: the ex-lawyer and TikTok star who could topple Trudeau

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He’s the most-liked national political leader in Canada, wears sharply tailored suits, has graced the pages of a men’s fashion magazine and is followed by starstruck fans on social media. And he’s not Justin Trudeau. ...

Taxing the lower-paid could stop the economic recovery in its tracks

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There are plenty of nasty bills looming for the average British household that could persuade many to keep their savings firmly on deposit and prevent the economy from flourishing. Anyone looking for a secondhand car ...

Coronavirus regstreeks: Suid -Afrika se reguleerder keur Pfizer -jab goed vir kinders 12 en oor; maskers kan in Engeland terugkeer as die gevalle in die winter opduik

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Die Suid -Afrikaanse Gesondheidsprodukte -owerheid sê die besluit is geneem nadat die opgedateerde veiligheidsinligting hersien is; Die winterplan van Boris Johnson kan die herinvoering van beperkings insluitend maskers en sosiale afstande behels

Nuisance calls could lead to multimillion-pound fines in UK

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Multimillion-pound fines could be imposed for nuisance or fraudulent calls and texts under a proposed overhaul of the UK’s data rules. Companies behind nuisance communications can be fined £500,000 by the Information ...

Social care: cap could prompt insurers to plug nursing home costs gap

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The cap on the cost of social care could create a new market in insurance to cover nursing home fees – 11 years after the last policy was withdrawn from the market. This week’s shake-up of how adult social care is fun...

NHS could ‘swallow up’ all the money raised by new tax rise, says IFS

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The NHS could “swallow up” all the extra £12bn a year the controversial hike in national insurance will raise, leaving no money to improve social care, Boris Johnson has been warned. The Institute for Fiscal Studies’ ...

Facebook encryption could prevent detection of child abuse, NCA says

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Facebook’s plans to allow encrypted messaging across all its platforms could prevent the detection of up to 20m child abuse images every year, a senior investigating officer has claimed. Rob Jones, the director of thr...

UK weather: parts of England could hit 30C before arrival of thunderstorms

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Temperatures are to reach up to 30C in parts of the UK on Tuesday, with an official heatwave likely to be recorded in England before thunderstorms arrive in the south-west. Conditions were forecast to be in the mid-to...

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