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Is time up for the ‘Blackboy clock’? Racism row divides Cotswolds town

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Much of Dan Guthrie’s life has been haunted by a disturbing mechanised figure resembling a tethered black slave boy, which is supposed to strike a bell hourly in the centre of Stroud. He first passed the automaton, wh ...

‘Part-time adventurers’: amateur fossil hunters get record haul in Cotswolds

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When Sally and Neville Hollingworth started going stir crazy in lockdown, rather than baking bread or doing quizzes on Zoom, the amateur palaeontologists turned to Google Earth. The couple passed the time planning for...

Saudi prince sells Cotswolds estate to king of Bahrain for £120m

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A Saudi prince has sold a large country estate in the Cotswolds to the king of Bahrain for more than £120m. Prince Bandar bin Sultan, a senior Saudi royal as well as former ambassador to the US and former director gen...