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Monday briefing: childcare costs crippling families

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Morning everyone. I’m Martin Farrer and these are today’s top stories. Tens of thousands of working parents say the government is failing them with inadequate childcare policies that leave them financially crippled, ...

Brexit trade barriers added £600m in costs to UK importers this year

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The trade barriers that made the import of Marks & Spencer’s Percy Pig sweets one of the first casualties of Brexit has added an extra £600m in costs to British importers since January, ha surgido. Customs dut...

As heating bills go up, put your energy into keeping costs down

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Millions of people are set to see their heating bills go up from next month – and some are predicting more rises to come next year. The soaring wholesale price of gas in the first part of this year recently led the en...

Mission Impossible studio Paramount sues insurers over Covid costs

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Paramount Pictures, the studio behind the Mission Impossible: 7 film, is suing its insurance company, accusing it of failing to cover the costs of a string of Covid-related production stoppages. Production of the fil...

UK water firms can raise prices temporarily to offset Covid costs

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The UK’s water regulator is to allow utility companies to increase prices temporarily starting next year to offset higher bad debt costs because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Water companies from April will bear 25% of ba...

Unilever expects flat profit for the year after being hit by rising costs

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The consumer goods giant Unilever has said cost increases could hit its profits, despite a rise in sales during the first half of 2021. The maker of Marmite, Persil and Dove said underlying operating profit margins in...

Sicilian towns face bankruptcy over Etna clean-up costs

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Dozens of Sicilian towns face bankruptcy due to the cost of cleaning up the volcanic ash left by Mount Etna, which has been erupting regularly since February. The Italian government on Monday allocated €5m to compensa...

‘I can’t give up on my leg’: the Gaza protesters resisting amputation at all costs

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Sitting on his hospital bed, with external fixators screwed into his right leg, Mohammed al-Mughari has been in pain and on medication since he was shot in the leg more than three years ago. He lives with a chronic bo...

‘Prices are ridiculous’: UK holiday costs more than Europe as demand grows

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When Donna Brunton started looking for a backup UK holiday, fearing her family’s £2,500 all-in trip to a four-star beach hotel in Malta would not go ahead, she almost fell off her chair when she saw the prices. “A hol...

A bird costs less than a pint: welcome to Britain’s poultry capital

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Growing up on the family farm in rural Herefordshire, Richard Corbett’s fondest memories are of tinkering in his father’s workshop. “I always assumed I’d be a farmer,” says the 55-year-old. “But if I’m honest, as a te...

Salford residents each face £100,000 bill for post-Grenfell fire safety costs

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A single parent who has been working on NHS Covid testing is among dozens of residents told that they each face a £100,000 bill to remove flammable cladding and make a series of other fire safety improvements to their...

UK building material costs soar on strong construction orders

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A record surge in the cost of timber, bricks and steel sent construction industry costs soaring in May as new orders across the sector grew at the fastest pace in 24 años. Severe shortages of essential building mater...

UK borrowing falls in April, to £31.7bn, as Covid-19 costs remain high – business live

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Cobertura continua de las últimas noticias económicas y financieras

Grenfell costs surpass £500m as council bill revealed

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The public costs of the Grenfell Tower fire have exceeded £500m after the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea revealed it had spent £406m on its response and recovery efforts in almost four years since the disaste...

Costos presupuestarios de inmigración: Australia gastará casi 3,4 millones de dólares por cada persona detenida en alta mar

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Australia gastará casi $ 812 millones en su sistema de procesamiento de inmigración en el extranjero el próximo año, poco menos de $ 3.4 millones por cada uno de los 239 personas ahora detenidas en Nauru o en Papua Nueva Guinea. Sobre las cifras presentadas en el b ...

How much? Mayoral hopefuls red-faced after guessing New York housing costs

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With less than six weeks to New York’s mayoral primaries, two candidates have left themselves electorally vulnerable for vastly underestimating the median cost of buying a home or apartment in Brooklyn. “In Brooklyn, ...

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