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Cosmetic surgery ads aimed at under-18s to be banned in UK

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Cosmetic surgery clinics are to be banned from targeting adverts for procedures such as breast enlargement, nose jobs and liposuction at under-18s, in a crackdown by the UK advertising watchdog. New rules will bar ads...

Cosmetic procedure industry is like the ‘wild west’, say campaigners

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The non-surgical cosmetic procedure industry is like the “wild west”, say experts and campaigners, who are calling for the government to stop ignoring increasingly urgent pleas for the regulation of non-invasive proce...

Linda Evangelista says she is ‘deformed’ after cosmetic treatment

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Linda Evangelista was one of the original 1990s supermodels and, alongside f Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, dominated the catwalk and fashion magazine covers in the 80s and 90s. tuttavia, she says she is “permanently de...

Ding dong, Avon now calling with ‘omni-channel’ cosmetic sales in a digital age

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Avon may soon be calling you into shops and live-streamed shopping events as well as at your front door as the cosmetics and skincare brand moves on from the doorstep into the digital age. L'azienda, which was found...

Sharon Stone: cosmetic surgeon enlarged my breasts without consent

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Sharon Stone had her breasts augmented without her consent during reconstructive surgery, the actor has claimed. Stone says she woke from a 2001 operation to reconstruct her breasts following the removal of benign tum...