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Corrupt politicians, dodgy developers, bent coppers: Our Friends in the North still resonates

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There’s a scene in the final episode of Our Friends in the North that poignantly captures what, para mí, the show is all about – the endless tension that so many feel between political hope and frustration, youthful ro...

Evade, gaslight, ataque: this is the playbook of a corrupt company, not a government

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If the government were a company, the shareholders would have thrown out the chairman and board of directors by now. If it were a school, Ofsted inspectors would have judged it inadequate and put it into special measu...

Reunión informativa del jueves: Johnson insiste en que el Reino Unido no es "ni remotamente corrupto"

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Buenos días a todos. Este es Martin Farrer y les trae las noticias más destacadas del día.. Sir Geoffrey Cox ha ganado al menos £ 6 millones de su segundo trabajo desde que ingresó al parlamento., un análisis de Guardian revela, y los registros muestran que ....

I have lived under corrupt regimes – the cynicism stalking Britain is all too familiar

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‘That happens in Russia, it shouldn’t happen in Britain.” These were the words of Chris Bryant, chair of the standards committee, on the events of last week, when Conservative MPs voted to reject the recommended suspe...

‘What he’s done is corrupt’: voters welcome Owen Paterson’s exit

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In Shropshire’s northernmost market town of Whitchurch, most locals out shopping or running errands welcomed the news that their long-standing MP Owen Paterson had resigned. Paterson, who faced a 30-day suspension fro...

US state department names more than 50 corrupt officials in Central America

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The US state department has named more than 50 current and former officials, including former presidents and active lawmakers, suspected of corruption or undermining democracy in three Central American countries. Amo...

Asesinato de Daniel Morgan: inquiry brands Met police ‘institutionally corrupt’

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The Metropolitan police have been described as “institutionally corrupt” and its commissioner, Cressida Dick, personally censured for obstruction by an independent inquiry set up to review the murder of the private de...

This portrayal of policing as casually corrupt is an insult to serving officers

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It was difficult for me to read Simon Jenkins’ portrayal of policing as casually corrupt, opaque and unaccountable (Away from TV’s Line of Duty the police have a long, tawdry history of corruption, 7 Mayo). De hecho, th ...

Court clears 39 post office workers convicted due to ‘corrupt data’

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Dozens of former post office workers have had their convictions for theft, fraud and false accounting quashed by the court of appeal after judges ruled the convictions were due to “corrupt data” from the Post Office’s...