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Coronavirus live nuus: 1.5million people in England to receive booster jab invite

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Texts and letters will be sent to eligible people who had their second vaccine at least six months ago

Coronavirus: plans to end free rapid tests in England ‘reckless’

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England’s coronavirus testing strategy has been been criticised as “reckless” amid plans to end the free provision of rapid tests and relax the monitoring of cases from abroad. Families and businesses will have to pay...

Coronavirus live nuus: Austria to hear first lawsuit over resort outbreak; Africa vaccine shortfall raises risk of deadly variants, WHO warns

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Vienna court to hear civil suit over outbreak at Ischgl ski resort in March 2020; parts of Africa could become ‘breeding grounds for vaccine-resistant variants’

Coronavirus live nuus: Israel booster shots curb serious illness, data suggests; Hong Kong experts advise one Pfizer shot for teens

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Experts in Israel say recent data supports the government’s claims that booster shots have stemmed a rise in serious cases, while a panel in Hong Kong has recommended children aged 12-17 should get only one dose of Bi...

Coronavirus live nuus: France health worker vaccine mandate comes into effect; healthcare rationing ‘imminent’ for Idaho

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Idaho department of health says ‘We do not see a peak in sight’; French hospital staff, doctors, ambulance drivers, retirement and aged care home workers must be vaccinated

Putin self-isolates after coronavirus found in entourage

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Vladimir Putin has gone into self-isolation because of an outbreak of coronavirus in his entourage, the Kremlin has announced. Although the Russian president was not sick, a Kremlin spokesperson told journalists, hy w ...

Coronavirus live nuus: England to scrap Covid vaccine passport plans; Sri Lanka faces food shortages

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Nuutste opdaterings: Follow all our coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic from the UK and around the world

Coronavirus live nuus: Biden’s vaccine mandate for 100 miljoen werkers; Los Angeles requires students to be vaccinated

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All US companies with more than 100 employees to ensure workers are vaccinated or tested weekly; LA mandates vaccines for 630,000 students 12 en ouer

Coronavirus live nuus: Japan to extend emergency restrictions; WHO urges booster moratorium until 2022

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Japan will extend emergency restrictions in Tokyo and other regions until end of September; WHO chief urges wealthy countries and vaccine makers to prioritise getting first jabs to people in poorer nations

Coronavirus live nuus: Idaho rationing healthcare; pandemic’s ‘devastating’ impact on HIV, TB and malaria

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Idaho public health leaders activate “crisis standards of care” amid soaring cases; Global Fund says 2020 was first year in history of fund that key programmatic results on HIV, TB and malaria have gone backwards

Coronavirus live nuus: Chile approves Sinovac for children six and older; Vietnam jails man who breached quarantine

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Chile is first country in Latin America to approve Covid vaccine for children six and older; Vietnam sentences man who passed Covid to at least eight people

Third person dies in Japan after taking contaminated Moderna coronavirus vaccine

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A third man has died in Japan after being receiving an injection from one of three batches of Moderna vaccines since identified as contaminated, though authorities say no causal link has yet been found. The 49-year-ol...

Vietnam man jailed for five years for spreading coronavirus

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A court in Vietnam has jailed a man for five years for breaking strict Covid quarantine rules and spreading the virus to others, state media reported. Le Van Tri, 28, was convicted of “spreading dangerous infectious d...

Coronavirus live nuus: Mississippi hospitals overwhelmed; New Zealand eases restrictions outside Auckland

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Mississippi is least vaccinated state in US; New Zealand reports 20 new cases for third day

Coronavirus live nuus: North Korea rejects Covax offer; Australia secures vaccine swap with UK

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North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has ordered officials to fight Covid in ‘our style’ while Australia’s Scott Morrison says he has secured an extra 4m vaccine doses from Britain

Coronavirus live nuus: Taiwan receives first Pfizer doses; vaccination nearly halves chance of long Covid – study

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Taiwan receives delivery organised by tech giants and a charity; likelihood of long Covid in double-jabbed adults who get coronavirus almost half

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