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China reports first coronavirus deaths in over a year amid omicron surge

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China’s national health authorities reported two Coronavirus deaths on Saturday, the first recorded rise in the death toll since January last year, as the country battles an omicron-driven surge. The deaths, both in n...

Share your tributes to those who have died of coronavirus in the UK

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Since the start of the pandemic, meer as 184,000 people have died from coronavirus in the UK. But behind the figures are stories of family, friendship and love. As the country continues to grapple with Covid-19, we ...

US man jailed for using coronavirus relief loan to buy $57,000 Pokémon card

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A Georgia man was sentenced to three years in prison after illegally obtaining a coronavirus relief loan and using more than $57,000 of the money to buy a collectible Pokémon card, authorities said on Monday. Vinath O...

Coronavirus came from Wuhan market and not Chinese lab, twin studies say

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International scientists on Saturday released two major studies which one participant said made it “extraordinarily clear” a market in Wuhan, China was the source of the coronavirus which fueled the Covid-19 pandemic ...

Coronavirus restrictions ease across Europe despite high case rates

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France’s nightclubs reopen for the first time in three months on Wednesday and the Netherlands returns to “almost normal” from next Friday, as European countries continue to lift their coronavirus curbs despite relati...

India’s coronavirus death toll passes 500,000

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India’s official death toll from Covid-19 has passed 500,000, even as many experts flag underreporting of cases across the country. The daily update from the country’s federal health ministry on Friday showed the numb...

Laurence Fox says he has coronavirus and is taking ivermectin

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The vaccine sceptic and anti-lockdown campaigner Laurence Fox has said he has coronavirus. Die akteur, who finished sixth in last year’s London mayoral elections, tweeted a picture on Sunday of a positive lateral flow ...

Coronavirus vaccines may reduce risk of long Covid, ONS study finds

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Vaccination could reduce the risk of long Covid, research by the Office for National Statistics suggests. Die studeerkamer, of more than 6,000 adults, found those who were double-vaccinated had a 41% lower likelihood of self...

UK firms weigh risks of forcing their staff to get coronavirus jabs

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The topic of Covid has proved so divisive at the women’s healthcare business run by Julie Čolan that she has banned all mention of it during team meetings. The pandemic has been a “nightmare” for company owner Čolan, ...

Coronavirus nuus regstreeks: Poland enters fifth Covid wave; Australia reports record daily death toll

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Australia reports deadliest day of pandemic so far with record number of 74 sterftes; Poland says it expects case numbers to hit new highs in coming weeks

Covid regstreekse nuus: poorer nations forced to reject 100m near-expired coronavirus vaccines; Spain to offer fourth dose to vulnerable

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More than 100m vaccine doses were rejected in December alone due to rapidly expiring donations from wealthy countries; Spain continues vaccine push with 90.5% of population aged 12 and above jabbed

Coronavirus: should the UK make vaccination mandatory?

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In Italy, it is now obligatory for people aged 50 or over to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Greece is pondering a similar move. In France, which has seen record numbers of positive cases, President Emmanuel Macron ha...

Vasteland China rapporteer die eerste geval van Omicron-koronavirusvariant

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China het sy eerste geval van die hoogs oordraagbare Omicron-variant in die noordelike stad Tianjin aangemeld, wat die grootste bedreiging tot nog toe vir die land se nul-Covid-strategie kan wees. Die Chinese...

Joe Biden to announce nationwide coronavirus battle plan

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Joe Biden is set to announce new actions to combat the coronavirus, including a nationwide campaign encouraging vaccine boosters, an expansion of at-home tests and tighter restrictions on international travel. Buffete...

Coronavirus nuus regstreeks: South Africa sees ‘exponential increase’ in Covid cases, dominated by Omicron variant

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The Omicron variant has propelled a sharp rise in Covid cases in South Africa, accounting for almost three quarters of all new virus cases

Coronavirus regstreeks: vyf polisie beseer in Nederlandse anti-lockdown onluste; VK om rassevooroordeel van mediese toestelle te hersien

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Nuutste opdaterings: 28 mense aangehou in die tweede nag van oproer teen die toesluit; Britse sekretaris vir gesondheid beloof om gapings wat deur pandemie blootgestel is, te sluit

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