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Familia "llorando" después de que se cambiara la reserva de hotel en Cornualles por Uxbridge

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El Retallack Resort de cinco estrellas cerca de Newquay es uno de los principales centros de deportes acuáticos de Cornualles., donde los huéspedes se alojan en cabañas con cocina con fachadas acristaladas con vistas a un lago, e Ian Tomlinson y su familia eran ....

Cornwall tourist board urges people not to visit after Covid surge

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Tourist chiefs have urged people not to visit Cornwall unless they have pre-booked and to test themselves for Covid-19 before, during and after their stay as the county records a rise in cases. Visitors have flocked t...

Bikes, boats and Betjeman: a car-free break in Wadebridge, Cornualles

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A rocky island emerges from thick mist. Around it, cormorants are diving into grey-green waves, which are flowering with multicoloured jellyfish. The boat pitches wildly; the skipper warns us that tope, powerful shark...

Cornwall on a budget: a night in a ‘coffin bunk’ aboard a converted fishing boat

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‘How tall are you?” Toni asked as I slipped off my rucksack and prepared to follow him through a tiny hatch and down a ladder. “Six foot one and a bit,” I said. “Ah. Bien, these are called coffin bunks," él dijo, ind...

Cornualles: 10 small group trips offering big outdoor adventures

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There’s a fierce debate going on in Cornwall at the moment about the benefits and drawbacks of tourism for the county. On one hand, many tourism businesses have been hit hard by the recent lockdowns, while on the othe...

From Nice humiliation to Wembley final: following England’s Euro rise

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As I walk down Olympic Way from Wembley Park tube station on Sunday night, in hope though not expectation, I will think Nice thoughts. About complacency, about comedy, and above all the near-agony of the miles-long tr...

Promises and protests at the G7 in Cornwall – photo essay

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With more than 6,000 police deployed to Cornwall for the G7 summit in Carbis Bay, there were surreal sights everywhere: armed officers on residential streets, snipers on rooftops, marine units in St Ives harbour and b...

G7: sabor de Cornualles relajado en el menú para líderes

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Chozas del mar, Ron con mantequilla y malvaviscos tostados en la playa: lejos de las tensas negociaciones en la cumbre del G7 de este fin de semana, Boris Johnson espera darles a los líderes reunidos una muestra de Cornualles en su momento más relajado..

From rule of six to 6,500 policía: Cornwall hosts first Covid-era G7

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Everybody from the most junior official to the president of the United States will have to follow the rules. Take daily Covid tests, wear masks at appropriate times and respect everything from one-way systems around v...

Cornwall hospital discharging sick patients to free space for G7, claim Lib Dems

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Fears have been raised that patients are being discharged from Cornwall’s main hospital to clear space in case it is needed for VIPs, delegates, police or protesters during the G7 summit. The Liberal Democrats in Corn...

Cornwall officials urge tourists to ‘engage brains’ after car swept into sea

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Bemused residents and tourism officials in Cornwall have urged visitors to “engage their brains” after a family car got washed into the sea near St Agnes. In the second such incident at Trevaunance Cove in the past ei...

Escapist dreams: why Germans love TV romances set in Cornwall

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Strolling along Padstow harbour, Grace Kent and Dr Robert Hayford are tumbling into each other’s eyes over fish and chips, paisley scarves blowing in the Cornish breeze. Yet in spite of the quintessentially English se...

Call for G7 Cornwall summit to forge global plastic pollution treaty

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Major packaging producers and environmental charities have called for the G7 summit to agree to a global treaty on plastic to tackle the waste crisis. Nestlé, one of the largest creators of plastic waste, has joined t...

Cornwall ‘beach school’ aims to offer hope for vulnerable children

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It will not look or feel much like a conventional school. Built around a central garden, the main classroom will be the great outdoors: the surf, the dunes, the rock pools. The only uniforms will be wetsuits and, on c...

Rise up, Cornualles, against London’s SUV drivers lusting for a second home

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As the longer-term psychological and social impacts of Covid begin to reveal themselves, one substantial group is already displaying a mental shift that could inflict lasting damage if only, mercifully, on other peopl...

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