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Jeremy Corbyn unites with direct action group Just Stop Oil

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Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour leader, has teamed up with direct action campaigners to form a new “red/green” climate and social justice movement which aims to stage a “major wave of popular mass action” later this ...

Piers Corbyn fined over ‘murder’ claim at Covid vaccine clinic

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Piers Corbyn has been fined £250 after accusing NHS staff at a London Covid-19 vaccination clinic of murdering people. The brother of the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had arrived with a group of anti-vaxxers at ...

Jeremy Corbyn would like to see Nato ‘ultimately disband’

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The former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he hoped military alliances like Nato could be ultimately disbanded, saying they could create “greater danger” in the world. In comments that are likely to inflame further t...

Corbyn will not regain Labour whip while endorsing Stop the War, suggests Starmer

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Jeremy Corbyn will not have the Labour whip restored while he continues to associate with the Stop the War coalition, Keir Starmer has suggested, saying it was “very clear” those who wanted to be Labour MPs had to be ...

Telegraph apologises for claim former Corbyn aide was ‘anti-Jewish racist’

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The Telegraph has apologised and paid £40,000 in damages for falsely describing a former aide to Jeremy Corbyn as an “anti-Jewish racist” and part of the “vile antisemitism of Corbyn’s Labour”. The allegations about L...

I accidentally took my kids to a Jeremy Corbyn rally – how could I explain Stop the War to them?

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La domenica, I had heard that there would be a flashmob orchestra in Trafalgar Square, playing Mussorgsky’s Great Gate of Kiev, in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. I went along with two 12-year-olds and made all t...

Member of Labour’s ruling body resigns after failure to restore whip to Corbyn

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The former Labour MP Laura Pidcock has resigned from the party’s ruling body, citing dismay at the continued suspension of Jeremy Corbyn and the defection of the Tory MP Christian Wakeford. Pidcock, once seen as a can...

Labour’s David Lammy apologises for nominating Jeremy Corbyn to be leader

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David Lammy has apologised for nominating Jeremy Corbyn to be Labour leader in 2015 and said he is “staggered” that some individuals with deeply antisemitic views remain in the Labour party. Speaking at this year’s Li...

Piers Corbyn arrested on suspicion of calling for MPs’ offices to be burned down

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Piers Corbyn has been arrested on suspicion of encouraging people to burn down MPs’ offices. The Metropolitan police said a man in his 70s – whom they did not name – was arrested in Southwark, Londra sud, in the ear...

Veteran Labour MP and Corbyn critic Margaret Hodge to stand down

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Margaret Hodge, the veteran Labour MP and former chair of the public accounts committee, has announced she will not stand again for parliament at the next election. Following a career in the Commons that spanned 27 si...

Jeremy Corbyn knows what he must do to rejoin Labour, dice Keir Starmer

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Keir Starmer has revealed he has not spoken to Jeremy Corbyn in more than a year and said the ball was in his predecessor’s court when it came to his reinstatement to the parliamentary Labour party. Il leader laburista ...

Tory councillor pays Jeremy Corbyn damages for fake Liverpool terror tweet

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A Conservative councillor has agreed to pay “substantial” damages to Jeremy Corbyn after tweeting a false image purporting to show the former Labour leader mourning the terrorist who committed the Liverpool Women’s ho...

Are the Corbyn brothers an example to us all?

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For any news outlets hoping to catch the reader’s eye, it’s been a very difficult week. The Labour party conference was always going to be a vertiginous drop-off in spectacle after the Chelsea flower show, but coincid...

Starmer to accuse Tories of being ‘lost in the woods’ as he rejects Corbyn era

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Keir Starmer will on Wednesday repudiate the legacy of Jeremy Corbyn and accuse the government of being “lost in the woods” in a keenly awaited conference speech that will put addressing Britain’s mental health crisis...

Oh Jeremy Corbyn – Labour fringe event is like being in a time warp

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I suppose it couldn’t last. Having spent much of the first two days of the party conference squabbling, rather than enjoying the ongoing Tory crises of fuel shortages and energy price rises, it had seemed that things ...

Labour conference: Jeremy Corbyn insists Andy McDonald’s resignation not part of anti-Starmer plot – live

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Latest updates from Brighton as former party leader says Andy McDonald’s resignation from the shadow cabinet was not a Machiavellian plot

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