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One of UK’s rarest corals set to expand its range as climate change warms seas

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It is one of Britain’s rarest and most threatened species, primarily due to bottom-trawling fishing, but researchers have found that the pink sea fan coral could expand its range in the climate crisis. A slow-growing ...

Great Barrier Reef: how a spectacular coral spawning event is helping to breed heat-tolerant corals

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It’s nearing 10pm, and Dr Kate Quigley is still waiting. Using red lights to minimise disruption to the animals’ behaviour, she is inspecting corals. Quigley, who studies reef restoration at the Australian Institute o...

Reef revival: Fiji’s corals bouncing back after ruinous cyclone

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In the immediate aftermath of the strongest cyclone to ever make landfall in the southern hemisphere, reefs across the Namena reserve and Vatu-i-Ra conservation park off Fiji were reduced to rubble. Tropical Cyclone W...