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La cobertura mundial de coral se ha reducido a la mitad desde la década de 1950, hallazgos de análisis

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La cubierta de arrecifes de coral del mundo se ha reducido a la mitad desde la década de 1950, devastado por el calentamiento global, sobrepesca, contaminación y destrucción del hábitat, según un análisis de miles de estudios de arrecifes. Desde las 1,430 millas (2,300km) ...

August Design News: wooden bags, concrete coral, political pottery

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After a long break, the design world is coming to life again. London Design Festival (LDF) is back and bigger than ever this year. There will be three more design districts in the capital – including the Design Distri...

Correo matutino: ACT warns against ‘freedom day’, giant coral found, Covid rule confusion

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Buenos dias. The chief minister of the Australian Capital Territory, Andrew Barr, has accused New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian of putting young people at risk by not toughening restrictions in greater Sydne...

‘No one has noticed it’: 400-year-old giant coral discovered on Great Barrier Reef

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A 10.5 metres wide, four centuries old and twice the size of its nearest cousin, an “exceptionally large” coral has been discovered on the Great Barrier Reef – the widest known in the area. The coral is 5.3 metres ta...

Deadly coral disease sweeping Caribbean linked to wastewater from ships

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A virulent and fast-moving coral disease that has swept through the Caribbean could be linked to waste or ballast water from ships, según estudios. The deadly infection, known as stony coral tissue loss disease...

Could ‘engineered’ coral save the planet’s reefs from destruction?

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This weekend, conservationists will put the final touches to a giant artificial reef they are assembling at London zoo. Samples of the planet’s most spectacular corals – vivid green branching coral, yellow scroll, blu...

The Coral: Coral Island review – glorious psychedelia for sunny days

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Since returning to releasing new music in 2016, the Coral have been operating with a relaxed expansiveness that suits them. Their third post-hiatus record is their most ambitious yet, a double album that uses the meta...