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Texas bakery sells out of goods after backlash for its Pride rainbow cookies

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A small Texas bakery which lost orders and Facebook followers after posting a message in support of the LGBTQ community sold out its inventory two days in a row over the weekend, after a surge of support from around t...

Cookies, scones and lime tart: Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipes for gluten-free bakes

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Baking generally feels like alchemy: the magic that happens when eggs, suiker, butter and flour are bound together and heat is applied. So, if anything, gluten-free baking feels even more magical. It’s not, natuurlik; ...

Rice cakes, cheesy crepes and jammy cookies: Ottolenghi’s recipes for cooking with kids

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Cooking with kids: the difference between how that’s going to be in your mind (fun, bonding, delicious, a great way to get kids to try new things) and how it can be in practice (bizarrely stressful, incredibly messy, ...

Did you solve it? Are you smart enough to opt out of cookies?

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Earlier today I set three puzzles from Terms & Conditions Apply, a free online game about website deviousness (that I made with Jonathan Plackett.) The puzzles in the game exaggerate the tricks websites use to ext...

Can you solve it? Are you smart enough to opt out of cookies?

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It’s a depressing fact of online life that websites are often shameless in using shady practices, like misdirection and obfuscation, to get us to sign up to, or to agree to, something we do not want. Today’s puzzles e...

Meera Sodha’s vegan recipe for oat, spice and currant cookies

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In the corner of the kitchen of the house I grew up in was a strawberry-shaped biscuit jar. Being offered a biscuit was always a thrill, but I wasn’t tall enough to see inside, so I’d stand on a stool, reach in and fe...

Cookies, brownies and savoury bakes for park breaks

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Now that I can sit with a friend in the park, what are the best transportable bakes? Sarah, London E17 If you’re in England, walks with a friend now come with the bonus of a pit stop, so Sarah is wise to factor in her...