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Marswatch: high hopes for first powered controlled flight on another planet

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Welcome to the first in a new series of occasional Marswatch columns. With the change of administration in America, the moon landings scheduled for 2024 are likely to be moved back to their original target of 2028. Entonces...

Nasa preparing to attempt first controlled flight on another world

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Nasa is gearing up to attempt the first controlled flight on another planet next week, with the tiny Ingenuity helicopter on Mars. The helicopter is expected to take to the skies next week, with Wednesday being the ea...

‘Privacy is at stake’: what would you do if you controlled your own data?

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The trick of Refik Anadol’s Machine Hallucinations, a three-day public art installation at The Shed in New York City, is to transform the processing of data into surreal hypnosis. The immersive audiovisual exhibit tow...

Baillie Gifford prize goes to ‘controlled fury’ of Empire of Pain

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Patrick Radden Keefe’s investigation into the Sacklers, the dynasty whose company Purdue Pharma sold the OxyContin painkiller which is said to have fuelled the US’s opioid crisis, has won the £50,000 Baillie Gifford p...