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Judge in Fortnite case loosens Apple’s control over App Store

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A US judge on Friday ruled in a major antitrust lawsuit against Apple’s App Store, striking down some of Apple’s restrictions on how developers can collect payments in apps. The ruling came as part of a lawsuit broug...

Rudimental: Ground Control review – the energy of a thousand leavers’ balls

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Ground control to Major Tom: it’s been 18 months cooped up inside and the youth are looking for mashup-in-a-field catharsis, for big, festival-filling tunes that’ll get the bucket hats bouncing, for a release. Luckily...

‘People are broken’: Afghans describe first day under full Taliban control

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Arifa Ahmadi* started her first day under full Taliban control by burning her jeans and any other clothes that the Taliban would be likely to disapprove of as the nation woke up to a new era after the last American tr...

Taliban seek to assert control around Kabul airport as death toll rises to 20

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The Taliban were attempting to demonstrate they control the areas around the chaotic Kabul airport on Sunday, where Nato said 20 people died in the past week. As witnesses reported Taliban fighters to be firing into t...

John Oliver on ransomware attacks: ‘It’s in everyone’s interest to get this under control’

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On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver delved into the murky, increasingly common and destructive world of cyberattacks, particularly ransomware attacks in which hackers infiltrate a network, seize critical data, and deman...

KL Rahul’s sublime century puts India in early control against England

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When England left Trent Bridge last Sunday they could at least draw comfort from the great unknown of a washed-out final day. A heavy dose of reality followed at Lord’s, egter, with India dominating the opening exch...

The police bill is not about law and order – it’s about state control

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Tucked away in the government’s 300-page police, crime, sentencing and courts bill, are various clauses which will have serious implications for the right to protest. The bill seeks to quietly criminalise “serious ann...

Greek firefighter killed and 20 injured as fires spread out of control

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A volunteer firefighter has been killed in a blaze threatening the Greek capital’s most important national park, and at least 20 people have been injured in fires during the country’s worst heatwave in 30 jare, met ...

Tesla big battery fire in Victoria under control after burning more than three days

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A large blaze at Victoria’s “big battery” project has been brought under control by firefighters after burning for more than three days, allowing investigators to begin examining the site. A Tesla battery bank caught ...

Pregnancy has taught me to relinquish control. So when lockdown arrived, I absorbed the shock

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I found out I was pregnant on an otherwise ordinary Wednesday in early April, ordinary except for the fact I’d been counting down to this day, the earliest possible I’d permit myself a test. Three minutes of averting ...

‘We have to break through that wall’: inside America’s battle for gun control

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The modern iteration of the National Rifle Association as a political force opposed to any measure of gun safety was familiar to Fred Guttenberg even before his 14-year-old daughter, Jaime, was killed along with 16 ot...

Britney Spears’ forced birth control has a long, dark history in the United States

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Op Dinsdag, Britney Spears described the nightmarish legal quagmire she’s been trapped in before a California court. Speaking publicly for the first time about the conservatorship that was long rumored by fans and med...

EU proposal to fund Turkey border control could lead to Syrian refugees’ forced return

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A proposal for the EU to fund controls at Turkey’s eastern border is “really problematic” and could lead to refugees being forced back into Syria, Iran and Iraq, critics have warned. According to a leaked plan seen by...

Britney Spears opposed father’s control of her finances and personal life for years – report

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Britney Spears for years expressed serious opposition to the conservatorship that gave her father control over her finances and personal life, according to confidential documents obtained by the New York Times. Die 39...

A different America: how Republicans hold near total control in 23 US states

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Democrats across the US cheered last month, as Texas legislators staged a walkout from the statehouse to block the passage of a Republican bill that would enact a number of restrictions on voting access. But the vict...

'Daar is net een hoofafrigter': Eddie Jones staan ​​vas op Engeland se beheer

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Engeland se hoofafrigter, Eddie Jones, het daarop aangedring dat hy steeds in beheer sal bly, ondanks dat hy deur die Rugby Football Union onder die loep geneem is, terwyl hy ook sy advieswerk in Japan gedeel het..

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