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Max Scherzer set for New York Mets in MLB record $43m-a-year contract

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Eight-time All-Star Max Scherzer is nearing a $130m, three-year contract with the New York Mets, volgens verskeie verslae. The $43.33m average salary would easily set a baseball record, smashing the $36m Yankees ...

Brisbane company worth just $8 when awarded $385m Nauru offshore processing contract

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A Brisbane construction company had $8 in assets and had not commenced trading, when it was awarded a government contract – ultimately worth $1.6bn – to run Australia’s offshore processing on Nauru. The contract was a...

Sewe dokters kontrakteer Covid nadat hulle Florida teen-entstofberaad bygewoon het

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Sewe dokters teen entstof het siek geword nadat hulle vroeër hierdie maand bymekaargekom het vir 'n "beraad" in Florida waar alternatiewe behandelings vir Covid-19 bespreek is. "Ek was op ivermektien vir 16 maande, ek en my vrou," Dr...

Gareth Southgate onderteken Engeland se kontrak verlenging na Euro 2024

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Gareth Southgate het 'n verlenging van twee jaar van sy kontrak as Engelse bestuurder onderteken, wat sy ampstermyn tot Desember strek 2024. Die transaksie het glo sy jaarlikse salaris verdubbel tot sowat £6 miljoen en, as hy in bly...

‘I don’t think, I know’: Macron accuses Scott Morrison of lying about submarine contract – video

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Emmanuel Macron has accused the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, of lying to him over an abandoned $90bn submarine contract, in a significant escalation of tensions between Paris and Canberra. 'I just say wh...

US urges UK to rebuild relations with Paris after submarine contract row

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The US has urged Britain to follow its example and try to repair its relations with Paris in the wake of the row over France’s loss of its submarine contract with Australia. Australia pulled out of the $66bn (£48bn) c...

The View vertraag die onderhoud met Kamala Harris nadat twee gashere Covid opgedoen het

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Kamala Harris se beplande persoonlike voorkoms op The View is vertraag nadat twee van die gashere van die program positief getoets het vir koronavirus. Oomblikke voordat die vise-president Vrydag sou verskyn, dit was anno ...

Aukus: Australia sent ‘extremely satisfied’ letter hours before axing French contract

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France has said Australian military officials sent them a letter confirming they were “extremely satisfied” with French submarines just hours before they announced the €56bn (£48bn) contract would be cancelled in favo...

We found out from the press, says French ambassador on scrapped submarine contract – video

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Jean-Pierre Thebault, the French ambassador to Australia, said France was kept in the dark over the surprise cancellation of a submarine contract in favour of a US deal. France recalled its ambassadors to Australia an...

NHS app storing facial verification data via contract with firm linked to Tory donors

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The NHS app is collecting and storing facial verification data from UK citizens in a process which has fuelled concerns about transparency and accountability. The data collection is taking place under a contract with ...

US Soccer offers identical contract proposals to women’s and men’s teams

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The US Soccer Federation said it had offered identical contract proposals on Tuesday to the players’ associations for the men’s and women’s national teams, and the governing body said it would refuse to agree to a dea...

Pfizer accused of holding Brazil ‘to ransom’ over vaccine contract demands

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Pfizer has been accused of holding Brazil “to ransom” over demands to shield itself from possible vaccine side-effect lawsuits in its contract to supply the country with 100m Covid jabs. In its $1bn (£700m) deal with ...

China’s economy under pressure as factory growth slows and services contract – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

Scotland manager Steve Clarke signs contract extension until Euro 2024

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The Scotland manager, Steve Clarke, has signed a contract extension that takes him through to the end of the Euro 2024 campaign. His initial contract was due to expire at the end of this World Cup cycle. “Firstly, Ek ...

Andy Robertson is latest Liverpool player to sign new five-year contract

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Andy Robertson has become the fifth Liverpool player in four weeks to extend his contract with the club after committing himself to Anfield until 2026. The Scotland captain had three years remaining on the five-year d...

‘Very happy and proud’: Virgil van Dijk signs new Liverpool contract to 2025

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Virgil van Dijk has become the latest Liverpool player to sign a long-term contract extension, with the influential defender committing himself to the club until 2025. The Netherlands international has signed a new fo...

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