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Camelot continues national lottery battle with damages claim

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Camelot’s legal fight to avoid losing its licence to operate the national lottery has failed but the Canadian-owned company will press ahead with a damages claim that could cost the government £600m. The company launc...

Rail strikes: travel disruption across Great Britain as fallout continues

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Travel woes across Great Britain are due to continue as the fallout from rail strikes causes knock-on disruption. Talks have resumed in an attempt to resolve the bitter dispute over jobs, pay and conditions after a ma...

Sievierodonetsk evacuation continues despite loss of main bridges

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Ukrainian authorities say they are continuing to evacuate civilians from Sievierodonetsk during every “quiet” moment, even though the third of three main bridges out of the eastern city was destroyed by Russian shelli...

BA and easyJet cancel more than 150 flights as travel chaos continues

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British Airways and easyJet cancelled more than 150 flights to and from the UK on Wednesday, as holidaymakers faced further departure lounge delays going into the extended Queen’s platinum jubilee bank holiday. BA can...

Russia takes control of Lyman as assault on Donbas region continues

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Russia’s army confirmed on Saturday that it now controls the strategic town of Lyman in eastern Ukraine, as Moscow’s assault on the Donbas region continues to grind on. Lyman, 'n stad van 20,000 mense, lies on the road...

Ireland’s Eurovision misery continues as it fails to qualify for 2022 contest

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Ireland has failed to qualify for the 2022 Eurovision final, in another disappointing year for a country with a rich heritage at the song contest. Their entrant Brooke Scullion, performing the song That’s Rich under t...

UN plans third evacuation from Azovstal steelworks as battle continues to rage

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A third United Nations operation was under way on Friday morning to evacuate Ukrainian civilians from the Russian-besieged Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, which the UN secretary general has described as a series of ...

Smoke rises from Mariupol steel factory as Russia continues bombardment – video

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A giant plume of smoke has been seen rising above the Azovstal steel plant in the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol. Russian forces advanced after calling on Ukrainians encamped in the plant to lay down their arms b...

As Russia continues to bomb Ukraine, are its weapons of choice getting worse?

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A Russian tank is filmed firing on apartments in Mariupol; evidence emerges that a cluster bomb was used to strike against the train station in Kramatorsk and concerns surface about the possible use of phosphorus in U...

Court hears US hostage’s emotional letter to father as IS trial continues

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An American hostage’s harrowing story about captivity at the hands of the Islamic State militants who would kill him was recounted in court in Virginia on Wednesday. A letter from the late Peter Kassig was read aloud ...

Manchester City’s WSL resurgence continues with win at West Ham

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Manchester City’s hopes of qualifying for the Women’s Champions League received a major boost as they triumphed 2-0 at West Ham. Georgia Stanway opened the scoring for Gareth Taylor’s side by finding the bottom corner...

Australia news live blog: treasurer Josh Frydenberg defends budget spending; severe weather continues

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Parliament due to sit after Coalition’s budget splashed cash on cost of living, with tax offsets and fuel excise cuts

Ukraine will not join Nato, says Zelenskiy, as shelling of Kyiv continues

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Oekraïne se president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy has acknowledged that Ukraine will not become a Nato member, in a significant concession on a day when Kyiv was pounded by Russian shells and missiles and the invading force ti...

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