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Covid regstreekse nuus: UK rows over booster jab timings and MP face masks continue; Covid case cancels ‘cruise to nowhere’ in Hong Kong

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Minister says face mask wearing shouldn’t be seen as a ‘virtue’; 1,000 passengers have to disembark after one positive case among crew

‘I own you’: Rodgers mocks Bears fans as Packers continue domination of Chicago

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Aaron Rodgers passed for two touchdowns and ran for another, Aaron Jones had 110 yards of total offense and the defense allowed its fewest points this season as the visiting Green Bay Packers downed the Chicago Bears ...

Covid nuus regstreeks: Russia sees 997 deaths as cases continue to soar; Melbourne to lift stay-at-home orders

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Volg die nuutste oor die coronavirus -pandemie uit die Verenigde Koninkryk en regoor die wêreld

MPs continue to hold constituency surgeries after David Amess killing

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It was business as usual as MPs held constituency surgeries less than 24 hours after the death of Sir David Amess. Amess was killed while meeting constituents in Leigh-on-Sea on Friday, five-and-a-half years after Jo ...

Czech PM claims gravely ill president promised he could continue in role

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Czech politics has been thrown into fresh uncertainty after the billionaire prime minister, Andrej Babiš claimed the president had promised him a shot at heading the next government despite being defeated in a general...

Chris Packham belowe om voort te gaan met aktivisme ná brandstigting op die huis

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Die BBC se Springwatch -aanbieder Chris Packham het gesê dat hy sy aktivisme sal “voortsit” ná 'n brandstigtingaanval op sy huis. Packham sê brandstigters het 'n motor aan die brand gesteek en die hek na sy eiendom afgebrand, in volle aansig ...

Petrol retailers call for inquiry into fuel crisis as problems continue

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The UK’s petrol retailers have called for an independent inquiry into the fuel crisis to ensure it does not happen again, saying the shortages are not easing quickly enough. A lack of lorry drivers and panic-buying ov...

Wednesday briefing: Pandora Papers revelations continue

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Hallo, Warren Murray aiming to put you a step ahead. Ben Elliot, the Conservative party’s embattled co-chair, jointly owned a secret offshore film financing company that indirectly benefited from more than £120,000 o...

England families given Melbourne Christmas hope as Ashes talks continue

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The Australian government has said it is being “flexible and practical” to ensure the Ashes can go ahead as negotiations continue over travel conditions and family arrangements for the touring England cricketers. Die...

Military arrives to ease fuel crisis, as shortages continue across London and south-east – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

Lightning threatens California as fires continue to burn across the state

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Ominous weather is again threatening areas of California as dozens of fires continue to burn, with hot, dry conditions and forecasted thunderstorms prompting officials to issue warnings through parts of the state’s no...

Virat Kohli caught out again as India captain’s struggles continue

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Virat Kohli walked. He had poked outside off, Jos Buttler pouched the ball, the cordon went up in appeal in chorus to the ringmaster, Jimmy Anderson, and India’s fight in the third Test was dead in the water. Except i...

Chineke!/Bovell review – young orchestra continue to make strong case for neglected repertoire

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It’s a long time since I heard any of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s Hiawatha cantata trilogy in a concert; probably not, in werklikheid, since as a schoolboy I played in a performance of the first part, Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast....

NSW Covid -opdatering: record high 919 cases and two deaths as infections continue to rise

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New South Wales has hit another grim milestone with a record 919 new Covid cases announced on Wednesday and predictions those numbers would continue to rise. Two deaths were reported, including a woman in her 30s from...

Eight dead as wildfires continue to rage across southern Europe

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Eight people have died and thousands have been evacuated from their homes as extreme wildfires continue to rage in parts of southern Europe. The deaths occurred in Turkey, where for the past week firefighters have bat...

Stonehenge tunnel plans continue despite high court ruling

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Highways England has said it is proceeding with plans to dig a tunnel near Stonehenge, despite the £1.7bn scheme being declared unlawful by the high court. The government-owned company said it would continue to appoin...

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