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PSG to pursue Lionel Messi signing after forward contacts Pochettino

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Paris St-Germain are confident signing Lionel Messi would be profitable in the long run and could sign him within a week, the PA news agency understands. Barcelona announced on Thursday night that the Argentina forwar...

White House contacts Russia after hack of world’s largest meatpacking company

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A ransomware attack against the world’s largest meatpacking company that has disrupted meat production in North America and Australia originated from a criminal organization probably based in Russia, the White House w...

Post Office contacts hundreds who may have been wrongfully prosecuted

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The Post Office is contacting hundreds of people who may have been wrongfully prosecuted after the post office operator miscarriage of justice scandal. Dozens of post office operators were prosecuted for theft, fraude ...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: daily testing for Covid contacts could replace self-isolation in England

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Últimas actualizaciones: pilot scheme could see end of people having to self-isolate if they had contact with someone with Covid