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EU considers natural gas purchase in response to surging energy prices

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The EU is considering joint purchase of natural gas in response to the energy price surge that has sent household bills and industrial costs soaring across the continent. One idea being floated by the European Commiss...

Opdatering van nuus oor lewendige nuus in Australië: national cabinet considers updated Doherty modelling and vaccines for children

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NSW bracing for another day of more than 1,000 cases as leaders meet to debate reopening plan

PureGym considers IPO as fitness industry gets back in shape

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PureGym, the UK’s largest gym chain, is eyeing up a possible a stock market listing as it looks to expand to meet the rebounding demand for fitness since the easing of coronavirus restrictions. The company, which is o...

California considers human composting as a greener death option

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Is there a greener way to honor those who have died? Humans have caused unprecedented and irreversible changes to the climate in our time on Earth – pollution that continues even in death. Maar, across the US, some are...

Moderna considers including Australian children in Covid-19 vaccine trial

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The vaccine manufacturer Moderna is considering Australia as part of a clinical trial to test its Covid-19 vaccine in children. In its latest quarterly report filed in the United States to the federal financial regula...

‘Extraordinary profits’: New Zealand considers breaking up supermarket duopoly

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New Zealand’s government will consider breaking up its supermarket duopoly to secure more affordable food prices for shoppers, after a new report that found the grocers were making huge profits and charging some of th...

EPA considers placing limits on ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

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The Environmental Protection Agency announced this week that it’s considering drinking water limits for the entire class of PFAS compounds, which public health advocates say are categorically toxic. The chemicals are ...

Artist considers suing Royal Academy in ‘transphobia’ row

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An artist whose work will no longer be available in the Royal Academy’s gift shop after views she expressed in a blogpost were deemed transphobic has said she is considering legal action against the institution. The R...

Coronavirus regstreeks: G7 calls for expert-led study on origins of Covid; England considers delaying lifting restrictions

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Follow the latest updates on the pandemic in the UK and across the world

Spain’s right unites in fury as PM considers Catalan pardons

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On Sunday thousands of people, among them the leaders of the three parties on Spain’s right, will once again gather in the Madrid square that boasts the world’s largest Spanish flag to protest against the Socialist-le...

Australia coronavirus live update: Josh Frydenberg considers Victoria Covid lockdown support as more NSW exposure sites added

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Talks continue between the state and federal government on financial assistance as Melbourne faces second week in lockdown. Follow live updates

Onderwysherstelhoof oorweeg dit om in die Engelse skole op te hou

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Die inligtingshoof van die regering was op die rand van bedanking nadat hy sy voorstelle vir 'n £ 15 miljard-program deur die regering verwerp het, die Guardian verstaan. Bronne na aan Sir Kevan Collins het gesê ...

Corporate watchdog considers complaint about Premier Investments not revealing jobkeeper payments

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The corporate watchdog is making inquiries into the failure by Premier Investments, the retailer controlled by billionaire Solomon Lew, to tell the market how much jobkeeper it has received. After intense political pr...

Australia news live: Morrison government considers aid to India for Covid crisis and reduced flights

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National security committee meets to consider a request for oxygen from India as new Covid-19 cases there topped 350,000 on Monday. Follow all the latest news and updates, live

UK considers clothing trade adjudicator to tackle labour abuses

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The UK government is considering the introduction of a clothing trade adjudicator, who would monitor large retailers’ relationships with their suppliers. The idea was put forward as one of several possible ways to imp...

China considers mixing Covid vaccines to give greater protection

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China’s top disease control official has admitted that the effectiveness of the country’s domestically produced vaccines is low as it emerged the authorities are considering mixing them to try to offer greater protect...

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