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Conservative Christian groups lobby federal MPs against territories’ assisted dying rights legislation

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Conservative action groups are mobilising supporters against a government push to allow territories to make their own laws on euthanasia, raising concerns around potential impacts on Indigenous Australians in the Nort...

Final dance-off nears for 24-hour Conservative party people

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Given there are few things MPs enjoy more than amateur electoral game theory and claims of dirty tricks, the next 24 hours are shaping up to be quite an experience for the Conservative parliamentary party – not to men...

Martin Rowson on the Conservative party’s contract with reality – cartoon

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Martin Rowson on the Conservative leadership race – cartoon

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Rishi, eat your heart out: the Conservative grassroots already have their darling

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There are six challengers remaining in the race to be the next leader of the Conservative party. A week hence, there will be two. It is impossible to predict exactly what will happen between now and then, as Tory MPs,...

After the coup, the contest that will expose faultlines in a fractured Conservative party

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Shortly after Boris Johnson struggled through prime minister’s questions on Wednesday, as the list of resignations from his government grew, a senior Tory MP sat down in a quiet corner of the House of Commons and agon...

Conservative push to recruit election deniers as poll workers causes alarm

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Republicans and other conservative groups are undertaking a huge effort to recruit election workers, a push that could install people with unfounded doubts about the 2020 election in key positions in voting precincts ...

Look around, the Great Conservative Experiment has failed in the UK

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This country is in crisis. So say the opposition parties, most of the media and, increasingly, the evidence of our own eyes. With transport chaos, seemingly out-of-control inflation, constant political scandals, a sin...

Trump a ‘clear and present danger to US democracy’, conservative judge warns

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In a chilling warning, a conservative judge closed the the third January 6 committee hearing on Thursday by saying Donald Trump, his allies and supporters were still “a clear and present danger to American democracy”....

Tameside council chief resigns following tweet about Conservative voter

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A long-serving council chief executive has resigned after he posted a tweet expressing surprise that a Conservative voter could show “compassion and empathy”. Steven Pleasant, the head of Tameside council in Greater M...

Australia election: conservative government voted out after nearly a decade

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Australia’s rightwing Coalition government has lost power after nearly a decade in office, with Saturday’s election showing a sharp shift to progressive parties that will result in a Labor government under Anthony Alb...

Spain’s conservative People’s party to ‘reboot’ with new leader

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Spain’s conservative People’s party (PP) will gather in Seville on Friday and Saturday to install a new leader and attempt a “reboot” after almost four years of infighting, strategic errors and ideological flip-floppi...

Star Trek makes Stacey Abrams president of United Earth – and stokes conservative anger

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The Georgia gubernatorial candidate and voting rights campaigner Stacey Abrams has been made president – of United Earth. The honour, which a leading conservative website said Abrams did not deserve, was bestowed by t...

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