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Australia election: conservative government voted out after nearly a decade

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Australia’s rightwing Coalition government has lost power after nearly a decade in office, with Saturday’s election showing a sharp shift to progressive parties that will result in a Labor government under Anthony Alb...

Spain’s conservative People’s party to ‘reboot’ with new leader

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Spain’s conservative People’s party (PP) will gather in Seville on Friday and Saturday to install a new leader and attempt a “reboot” after almost four years of infighting, strategic errors and ideological flip-floppi...

Star Trek makes Stacey Abrams president of United Earth – and stokes conservative anger

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The Georgia gubernatorial candidate and voting rights campaigner Stacey Abrams has been made president – of United Earth. The honour, which a leading conservative website said Abrams did not deserve, was bestowed by t...

Conservative candidate squeaks to victory in South Korean election

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Yoon Suk-yeol, a conservative former prosecutor, declared victory in South Korea’s presidential election on Thursday after his liberal rival conceded defeat following a bitter battle in the politically divided nation....

Conservative MPs urge increase in UK military aid for Ukraine

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Conservative MPs have called for the UK to increase military aid to Ukraine, including the former cabinet minister David Davis, who said the UK should consider providing air support to the Ukrainian armed forces. Bori...

Nick Gibb becomes latest Conservative MP to call for Boris Johnson to resign

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Another Conservative MP has called for Boris Johnson to resign. Nick Gibb, the MP for Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, said his constituents were “furious about the double standards” and said the prime minister had bee...

Montenegro’s conservative pro-Serbian governing coalition collapses

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Montenegro’s conservative pro-Serbian governing coalition collapsed on Friday amid internal disputes, after parliament backed a no-confidence motion tabled by a junior coalition partner. Lawmakers voted 43-11 in favou...

US conservative parents push for book bans – and unintentionally make reading cool again

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Moms and dads stormed into the Spotsylvania County town hall, en Virginia, in early November, hell-bent on purging all “objectionable” books from in the scholastic jurisdiction. Novels containing any commentary about ...

Evento conservador le da a Rittenhouse una ovación de pie un mes después de la absolución

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Un mes después de su absolución de los cargos de asesinato, Kyle Rittenhouse recibió una ovación de pie en una conferencia conservadora en Phoenix el lunes por la noche., mientras los panelistas discutían los eventos en Kenosha, Wisconsin, en 2020, Cuándo ...

Martin Rowson on the state of the Conservative party – cartoon

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Conservative backbenchers are out of touch with the public — and fully removed from reality

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The Conservative government won the Commons vote; but it was so badly wounded by the revolt that it could not continue without change at the top. Boris Johnson will be aware that this is precisely the situation in whi...

Conservative party fined £17,800 over Downing St redecoration

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The Conservative party has been fined £17,800 for serious donation reporting failures following a scandal over the financing of Boris Johnson’s Downing Street flat redecoration. After an eight-month investigation by t...

Boris Johnson nunca fue un verdadero conservador

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Lo que me surgió de los relatos de Andrew Rawnsley de todas las diversas facciones del partido conservador que gritaban sus frustraciones fue que Boris Johnson no es lo que pensaban que era. (“Boris Johnson ha unido a todos ....

This is not a cross-party matter: second jobs are a very Conservative scandal

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Durante las últimas semanas, the news has been dominated by headlines about MPs who abuse the parliamentary rules that allow them to have second jobs. This is a misleading, generalised account of a specific and exceptiona...

A Conservative party divided is one more unintended consequence of Brexit

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Conservative MPs have had second, third and fourth jobs for years. From time to time, the intersection between some Tories’ idea of public service and their pursuit of money has burst into the headlines. But thanks to...

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