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Anthony Albanese to embrace Labor luminary Bob Hawke’s consensus style if ALP wins election

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Anthony Albanese will bemoan a lost decade of division and policy inertia under the Coalition, declaring he will take his lead from Bob Hawke, lifting productivity, boosting growth and using “cheap, renewable energy t...

‘We stand with Ottawa’: muddled messages and fraying consensus at New Zealand’s anti-vax protest

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On day two of a protest against New Zealand’s Covid-19 policies on Parliament’s grounds in Wellington, the stamina and consensus of the crowd was fraying. Martedì, thousands arrived in convoys from across the count...

GB News likes to think it’s challenging the consensus. But what if it is the consensus?

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Have you been watching GB News? It fascinates me. Whatever you say about the TV channel’s politics; whatever debate you’ve been having about who annoys you the most on there, you have to respect somebody deciding to s...

Covid vaccine crisis may be the last straw for the postwar economic consensus

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The proper functioning of any interconnected economic system depends on trust. And a global system that has been designed by advanced economies requires a significant level of buy-in from the developing world. Both be...