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Apps promised a sexual revolution but they have just made dating weird

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One feature of online dating that makes it a recurring pub-discussion topic among my friends is the propensity for the people involved to do strange things. A whole new spectrum of dating behaviour has evolved on “the...

Billy Connolly reveals unusual methods for keeping his Parkinson’s under control

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Billy Connolly said he has learned to hypnotise his hand to stop shaking due to Parkinson’s disease, but lamented not being able to write by hand due to the condition that has forced him to retire from live standup co...

What Succession gets right about the rich

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How should a rich person be? In Succession, the HBO drama about the trials and tribulations of the ultra-wealthy Roy family and their crumbling media dynasty, the answer is, mostly, unhappy. In the first two seasons, ...

Shops are open again – but when did high street fashion become so drab?

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One of the strangest things about living in a time of supposedly limitless consumer options is the lack of genuine choice. There is a lot of stuff, and it is very easy to access, but much of it is essentially the same...

Deprived of gossip during lockdown, I’ve turned to advice columns instead

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I read about five or six advice columns a week. Sometimes more. I don’t think I need this much advice (I doubt anyone does), but I have an enduring fondness for the format. I love the small window into a stranger’s li...