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Confusion reigns in UK music due to vaccine passports and event insurance

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Despite the return of gigs and festivals, the UK live music industry is still full of uncertainty due to a lack of clarification from the government about vaccine passports and an events insurance scheme that’s been d...

El punto de vista de The Guardian sobre la confusión de Covid: travelling blind

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Throughout the pandemic, Boris Johnson and his ministers have repeatedly been guilty of chaotic messaging, fostering uncertainty where clarity was needed. This summer, true to form, there has been unnecessary confusio...

El punto de vista de The Guardian sobre la confusión de Covid: la inconsistencia del gobierno será mortal

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"Mi política con respecto al pastel es pro tenerlo y pro comérselo,"Boris Johnson declaró hace muchos años. La broma le ha servido tan bien a su carrera que a menudo ha vuelto al tema., haciendo promesas sin preocuparse por las suyas ...

Britain’s economic confusion reflects the mess of Covid’s ‘freedom day’

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Supermarkets warning of empty shelves. Underground lines closed due to staff shortages. A “pingdemic” that has told more than 500,000 people to self-isolate in the past week. Funny sort of freedom day. Yet it was all ...

Nightclubs admit confusion over UK Covid rules as ‘freedom day’ nears

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On Sunday at 11.50pm in the Heaven nightclub in Charing Cross, Londres, customers enjoying a socially distanced seated drink will be asked to step away from their tables and chairs. Over a 10-minute period, the dancefl...

GPs fume at being left to shoulder AstraZeneca vaccine confusion after PM’s ‘unhelpful’ comments

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General practitioners say they are being “left to hold the mess” created by the confused and conflicting statements about the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is making it harder for them to obtain informed consent from pat...

Britons in France urged to apply for post-Brexit permit amid deadline confusion

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British nationals in France are being urged to apply for post-Brexit residency permits before midnight amid confusion and conflicting messages over whether or not a 30 June deadline to secure their rights has been ext...

Correo matutino: vaccine confusion, Queensland lockdown, Barty at Wimbledon

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Buenos dias. Queensland is in lockdown and confusion continues for Australians seeking Covid vaccinations following the government’s backflip on AstraZeneca advice. Plus more than 200 teachers have shared their conce...

Nuevo libro de Michael Wolff informa sobre la confusión de Trump durante el ataque al Capitolio

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Donald Trump dijo a sus seguidores que marcharía con ellos hacia el Capitolio en 6 Enero - luego los abandonó después de un tenso intercambio con su jefe de gabinete., según el primer extracto de Landslide, El th de Michael Wolff..

Coronavirus news: India records lowest case rate in 45 dias; UK expert says government approach causing confusion

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Victoria records five new cases of Covid-19 taking Melbourne outbreak to 35; UK MPs urge action to save music festivals from another ‘lost summer’

James Mcallister era un hombre de familia muy querido. ¿La confusión de la mezcla navideña causó su muerte??

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Durante toda la primavera de 2020, y en el verano, Michelle Mcallister protegió cuidadosamente a su esposo, James Mcallister. Michelle, 39, que vive en el área de Wednesfield de Wolverhampton, era un cuidador a tiempo completo de Jam ...

Meghan’s claim of private garden wedding sparks confusion

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed to Oprah Winfrey that they “married” three days before their Windsor Castle wedding ceremony was watched by millions – although it has prompted confusion as to which was the off...