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Confusion reigns in UK music due to vaccine passports and event insurance

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Despite the return of gigs and festivals, the UK live music industry is still full of uncertainty due to a lack of clarification from the government about vaccine passports and an events insurance scheme that’s been d...

The Guardian view on Covid confusion: travelling blind

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Throughout the pandemic, Boris Johnson and his ministers have repeatedly been guilty of chaotic messaging, fostering uncertainty where clarity was needed. This summer, true to form, there has been unnecessary confusio...

The Guardian view on Covid confusion: government inconsistency will be deadly

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“My policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it,” Boris Johnson declared many years ago. The joke has served his career so well that he has often returned to the theme, making promises without fretting about his...

Die ekonomiese verwarring van Brittanje weerspieël die gemors van die 'vryheidsdag' van Covid

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Supermarkte waarsku oor leë rakke. Ondergrondse lyne gesluit weens personeeltekorte. 'N' Pingdemic 'wat meer vertel het as 500,000 mense om die afgelope week self te isoleer. Snaaks soort vryheidsdag. Tog was dit alles ...

Nightclubs admit confusion over UK Covid rules as ‘freedom day’ nears

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On Sunday at 11.50pm in the Heaven nightclub in Charing Cross, Londen, customers enjoying a socially distanced seated drink will be asked to step away from their tables and chairs. Over a 10-minute period, the dancefl...

Algemene huisartse rook omdat hulle die AstraZeneca-entstofverwarring oorskry na die 'onbehulpsame' kommentaar van die premier

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Algemene praktisyns sê hulle word "gelos om die gemors te hou" wat geskep is deur die verwarde en teenstrydige uitsprake oor die AstraZeneca-entstof., wat dit vir hulle moeiliker maak om ingeligte toestemming van pat te verkry ...

Britons in France urged to apply for post-Brexit permit amid deadline confusion

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British nationals in France are being urged to apply for post-Brexit residency permits before midnight amid confusion and conflicting messages over whether or not a 30 June deadline to secure their rights has been ext...

Oggendpos: vaccine confusion, Queensland lockdown, Barty at Wimbledon

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Goeie more. Queensland is in lockdown and confusion continues for Australians seeking Covid vaccinations following the government’s backflip on AstraZeneca advice. Plus more than 200 teachers have shared their conce...

New Michael Wolff book reports Trump’s confusion during Capitol attack

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Donald Trump told supporters he would march on the Capitol with them on 6 January – then abandoned them after a tense exchange with his chief of staff, according to the first excerpt from Landslide, Michael Wolff’s th...

Coronavirus news: India records lowest case rate in 45 dae; UK expert says government approach causing confusion

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Victoria records five new cases of Covid-19 taking Melbourne outbreak to 35; UK MPs urge action to save music festivals from another ‘lost summer’

James Mcallister was a much-loved family man. Did the Christmas mixing confusion cause his death?

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All through the spring of 2020, and into the summer, Michelle Mcallister carefully shielded her husband, James Mcallister. Michelle, 39, who lives in the Wednesfield area of Wolverhampton, was a full-time carer to Jam...

Meghan’s claim of private garden wedding sparks confusion

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed to Oprah Winfrey that they “married” three days before their Windsor Castle wedding ceremony was watched by millions – although it has prompted confusion as to which was the off...