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Sailing adventure: how young cancer patients can rebuild confidence at sea

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The word cancer should never be associated with children but, very sadly, around 4,400 young people in the UK, invecchiato 24 and under, are diagnosed with cancer every year, according to figures from Cancer Research UK. Tha...

Joe Biden has ‘great confidence’ in top general Milley after Trump revelation

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Joe Biden threw his weight behind the top US military officer on Wednesday, saying he had “great confidence” in the general who, according to a new book, took steps to prevent the outgoing Republican president Donald ...

Pound at 18-month high against euro as German investor confidence falls

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The pound rose to an 18-month high against the euro on Tuesday as fears over rising Covid-19 infections triggered a sharp fall in German investor confidence. Sterling hit €1.1833 against the single currency, its highe...

Good old days: why body confidence improves after 60

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Nome: Happy retirees. Età: Bene, as you know, people retire at different ages, typically from about 60 onwards. And they are happier then? They can be. Because they no longer work, presumably. That could be one reaso...

UK business confidence jumps ahead of 19 July lockdown lifting

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UK business confidence has jumped as firms anticipate the lifting of lockdown restrictions later this month, despite concerns over the rise in Covid-19 infections. A survey by accountancy and business advisory firm BD...

Ryanair passenger numbers soar as Covid vaccine restores travel confidence

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Ryanair’s passenger numbers surged in June, with the rollout of Covid-19 vaccination programmes across Europe boosting confidence in air travel. The no-frills airline, which in June reported the biggest annual loss in...

Swedish PM Stefan Löfven resigns after losing confidence vote

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Sweden’s prime minister, Stefan Löfven, has announced he is resigning after losing a confidence vote last week, as he called on the country’s parliament to try to form a new government instead of holding an early ele...

Netherlands grow in confidence as they settle into De Boer’s new shape

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Frank de Boer has a clear image of what success at Euro 2020 will entail for the Netherlands. “There is only one thing we want to achieve and that is to swim in the canals of Amsterdam having won the final,” the head ...

Europeans’ confidence in EU hit by coronavirus response

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Confidence in the EU’s ability to handle crises has taken a hit from Covid-19, a major survey shows, but dissatisfaction with national political systems is even higher and most people still support EU membership and w...

Briefings, silence and sackings: Labour’s confidence in Keir Starmer slips

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In the aftermath of Labour’s crushing general election defeat in 2019, Keir Starmer’s appeal to despondent party members and MPs was – as one said at the time – as a “comfort blanket”. Decent, serious and unencumbered...

‘We take safety seriously’: Fauci says J&J vaccine pause should raise confidence

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Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser said on Sunday the recent pause on the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine should raise confidence in health agencies’ focus on vaccine safety, as the administration tries to curb ...

UK business confidence jumps as non-essential shops, pubs and restaurants reopen – business live

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Clarity and openness are key to vaccine confidence

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Your editorial calling for clarity on the AstraZeneca vaccine’s side-effects risks both being unclear and undermining confidence (The Guardian view on the AstraZeneca vaccine: confidence from clarity, 7 aprile). You im...

Brussels urges unity over AstraZeneca jab to boost public confidence

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The EU’s 27 member states have been urged by Brussels to bolster public confidence by coming up with a unified response to the finding by regulators that blood clots are a rare side-effect of the Oxford/AstraZeneca ja...

Pimlico academy staff in strike talks after head loses confidence vote

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Staff at a London secondary school which has been at the centre of student protests amid accusations of race discrimination are in talks over strike action after passing a vote of no-confidence in the headteacher. Pim...