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Royals weigh in on green issues ahead of Cop26 climate conference

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As the UN Cop26 climate conference approaches, members of the royal family have increasingly been weighing in on green issues. The Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William have all made comments in support of taking ...

Voters preferred Keir Starmer’s conference speech to Boris Johnson’s address, poll suggests – UK politics live

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Latest updates: polling by Opinium suggests Labour leader’s conference address made a better impression on voters, amid mixed reaction to the PM’s speech

Tory conference bubble rises to applaud PM’s light entertainment

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Not so much a conference speech, more an extended Daily Telegraph column. One knocked off in a hurry at the last minute. This was politics as light entertainment, with any collision with the real world entirely accide...

Boris Johnson’s conference speech: what he said and what he meant

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Boris Johnson let the bombast flow as he delivered a speech designed to buoy Tory activists despite their nerves about the forthcoming national insurance increase and the risk of dangerously high levels of inflation. ...

‘Economically illiterate’: PM’s Tory conference speech gets frosty reception

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Business leaders rounded on Boris Johnson for lacking a coherent economic plan after he delivered a boosterish conference speech that made barely a mention of the supply chain crisis. The address was condemned as “bom...

Boris Johnson’s Tory party conference speech – the panel verdict

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Boris Johnson arrived in Manchester needing to move beyond the idea of “levelling up” and finding a way towards setting out a clear plan. He acknowledged that talent is spread evenly in Britain but opportunity is not...

Tory conference roundup: taxing times and too much talk

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“I think you should be called Alok Charmer,” said Stanley Johnson as he interviewed the Cop26 president. It was only downhill from there at one of the more bizarre events at conference, as Johnson kept returning to th...

‘Drowned out’: Tory ministers complain about conference hall

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It was meant to be their moment in the sun after the easing of pandemic restrictions, but cabinet ministers have privately complained about the main auditorium for speeches in the Conservative party conference hall, w...

Tories compete to see who can give the blandest conference speech

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At least the tiny fringe tent that is masquerading as the main auditorium at this year’s Conservative party conference in Manchester was full this time. Which was more than could be said for any of the previous day’s ...

The Conservative conference shows a party in denial while all around is crisis

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The Tory party conference seems to be floating along in a sea of delusion. Outside their cocooned security zone, in the real world of petrol shortages and soaring energy prices, a cost of living crisis is “flashing re...

Tory conference roundup: Gove gets down, Sunak gets up

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“Here we are – bright lights, great atmosphere, enthusiastic young people. It reminds me of my last night out on the town Aberdeen. Dance like nobody’s watching they say. Well, I did … but they were watching!” Michael...

Tory conference roundup: pigs might die but Johnson doesn’t seem to care

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“If I may say so, the great hecatomb of pigs that you describe has not yet actually taken place. Let’s see what happens.” Boris Johnson, the prime minister, played down fears of a mass culls of pigs at farms because o...

Row looms over Tory conference invitation to gay lobbying group accused of transphobia

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Senior Tories are concerned that their conference will be the latest to be overshadowed by a row over trans rights, after the party said it was standing by its decision to host a group accused of expressing anti-trans...

The Observer view on Keir Starmer’s Labour conference speech

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Labour has a mountain to climb to get back into government. In 2019, the party suffered its worst election defeat since 1935, the product of the deep unpopularity of its leader, its difficulty in producing a credible ...

Labour conference fails to give party a bounce in opinion polls

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Labour has not enjoyed a poll bounce in the immediate aftermath of its party conference despite the government being blamed by most of its own voters over the fuel shortage crisis. Senior figures in Keir Starmer’s tea...

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