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‘Indentured servitude’: low pay and grueling conditions fueling US truck driver shortage

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At Joe’s Travel Plaza, a neon-lit rest stop on California’s main interstate highway, truckers can get a brief respite from life on the road. There’s a TV lounge, a laundry room and a free shower if you buy at least 75...

Proud Boys leader asks for early release over jail conditions

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The leader of the Proud Boys far-right group has asked a judge to free him from jail in Washington DC, complaining about poor conditions. Henry “Enrique” Tarrio is serving a five-month sentence for stealing and burni...

Renewable energy firms warn of difficult conditions amid slow winds

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Two of the world’s biggest wind energy companies have warned of difficult conditions as slower-than-usual winds and supply chain difficulties delay manufacturing. Ørsted, a Danish company, said lower-than-normal wind ...

Students at historically Black college in DC stage sit-in over housing conditions

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Mold. Rats. Cockroaches. Mushrooms growing under the sink. For undergraduate students attending Howard University, a historically Black college in Washington, these and other conditions have prompted students to prote...

Unsafe conditions and low pay for migrants on Irish fishing boats exposed

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Racist insults, verbal abuse, long working hours with few breaks and pay below the legal minimum wage are “common workplace experiences” of migrant workers in the Irish fishing sector, says a new study. El informe, co...

‘We are not machines’: Hollywood workers ready to strike for better conditions

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At the start of the pandemic, Hollywood productions abruptly shut down, leaving many workers out of work before things began to resume with Covid-19 safety protocols in place. Desde entonces, workers in Hollywood say they...

Los migrantes que llegan a Dover pasan la primera noche en condiciones inseguras

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Los migrantes que cruzan el Canal de la Mancha en pequeñas embarcaciones pasan su primera noche en suelo británico, condiciones inseguras e insalubres, un informe independiente condenatorio ha concluido. La gente exhausta se ha visto obligada a matar..

‘Sleeping in the dust’: migrants face harsh conditions in Del Rio as 5,000 remain

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“Welcome to Texas,” says a big, green sign near the Del Rio International Bridge. But no one is welcome here, not since the west Texas border city has transformed into what could be mistaken for a war zone. What look...

Crowded camps, garbage piles, extreme heat: migrants in Texas face unlivable conditions

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Thousands of migrants and asylum seekers are facing desperate conditions as they continue to be held in makeshift camps under the Del Rio international bridge in Texas, including high temperatures, squalid living cond...

California wildfires: weather conditions worsen threat to giant sequoia trees

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Hot and dry weather on Sunday added to the challenges facing California firefighters battling to keep flames from driving further into a grove of ancient sequoias, where the base of the world’s tallest tree has been w...

People with chronic conditions among most at risk from Covid even after jabs

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People living with chronic conditions such as Down’s syndrome and dementia remain among the most vulnerable to Covid-19 even after vaccination, la investigación ha encontrado. El estudio, based on data from more than 6.9 million v...

Five stars for staff working conditions on new hotel booking app

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Tourists booking a hotel in Spain will soon be able to choose not only one with the best views or the biggest pool, but also one where the staff enjoy decent working conditions. Having tried without success to persuad...

Ideal mouse breeding conditions prompt plague warning for central western NSW

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A perfect winter cropping season across Australia’s eastern states is creating ideal mouse breeding conditions, prompting farmers and regional residents to prepare themselves for another plague. What would normally be...

Jasper Philipsen takes victory in second stage after mass crash in windy conditions

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Jasper Philipsen won his second stage at the 2021 Vuelta a España as Kenny Elissonde took the overall lead following a mass crash about 12km from the Albacete finish. The Belgian rider Philipsen (Alpecin-Fenix) outspr...

‘In tears before I even logged in’: Cigna call center workers challenge working conditions

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Call center workers at Cigna, one of the largest health insurance corporations in the US, are reporting poor working conditions driven by high production demands, fear of being fired, lack of training, and long proces...

‘We went from heroes to zeroes’: US nurses strike over work conditions

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Last April people across America came out of quarantine each night to cheer the healthcare workers fighting to save lives a the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Sixteen months on, nurses around the US are holding s...

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