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The Rules of Revelation by Lisa McInerney review – an ‘unholy trinity’ concludes

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The Rules of Revelation is the third part of Lisa McInerney’s “unholy trinity” of Cork novels, which began with the Women’s prize-winning The Glorious Heresies in 2015 and continued with 2017’s The Blood Miracles. McI...

UK an exemplar of racial equality, No 10’s race commission concludes

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Downing Street’s official response to the racial justice movements connected to Black Lives Matter has suggested the UK should be seen as an international exemplar of racial equality, and has played down the impact of...

CVC concludes 18-month saga with £365m deal to buy into Six Nations

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Six Nations Rugby has agreed to sell a stake in the tournament to private equity firm CVC Capital Partners in a five-year deal understood to be worth in the region of £365m.Organisers say the deal with CVC, which alre...