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US ‘very concerned’ despite China denials over hypersonic missile

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The United States is “very concerned” about China’s development of hypersonic technology, US disarmament ambassador Robert Wood has said, after reports that Beijing had recently launched a hypersonic missile with a nu...

I am concerned about my overattachment to men I hardly know. Can I date safely?

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I divorced from my husband over a year ago (we had been living separately for a couple of years before that). He was the absolute love of my life – we were together for 26 years until his one-off infidelity with my ha...

I medici di terapia intensiva "preoccupati" avvertono che l'Australia dovrà affrontare un'impennata della domanda nei prossimi mesi

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I medici di terapia intensiva hanno avvertito che il sistema sanitario australiano potrebbe affrontare mesi di aumento della domanda che metterà a dura prova la forza lavoro a causa dell'epidemia del Delta, in quanto sottolineano la necessità di un aumento del Covid va...

Andy Murray concerned by low uptake of vaccine among tour pros

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Andy Murray hopes that more players choose to be vaccinated over the coming months as tennis faces a possible reckoning over its rate of inoculation among tour professionals, which is widely believed to be below 50%. ...

Swimming Australia ‘deeply concerned’ about abuse dating back ‘decades’

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Unacceptable treatment of some swimmers dates back decades, Swimming Australia says. In a statement released on Saturday SA stated it was “deeply concerned and understands the gravity” of fresh claims of abuse within ...

Delta Plus Covid variant: what is it and should we be concerned?

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One of the latest coronavirus variants to raise concern is the Delta Plus. But what is it and why is it a potential problem in the fight to suppress the virus? Delta Plus is simply the Delta variant with an additiona...

Nepal Covid variant: does it exist and should we be concerned?

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Another day, another variant. The latest incarnation of the coronavirus to raise concerns has been linked to Nepal, which has been hit by infections spilling over from the outbreak in India. Many scientists are askin...

Klopp says Sadio Mané is concerned about shortage of Liverpool goals

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Jürgen Klopp has denied the exertions of recent seasons have caught up with Sadio Mané but admits a lack of goals is preying on the Liverpool forward’s mind. The Senegal international has 12 goals in 39 appearances f...

CDC ‘deeply concerned’ about rising Covid cases as vaccinations accelerate

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Top US government coronavirus experts warned on Friday that there is deep concern about infections rising again and although there is cause for optimism amid accelerating vaccinations “there is no case for relaxation”...