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L'Honduras avrà il primo presidente donna dopo che il partito al governo ammette la sconfitta

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Il partito di governo dell'Honduras ha ammesso la sconfitta alle elezioni presidenziali, dare la vittoria al candidato dell'opposizione di sinistra Xiomara Castro e alleviare i timori di un altro voto contestato e proteste violente. Tegucigalpa può...

Canada’s opposition leader concedes defeat after Trudeau victory – video

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Canada's opposition leader, Erin O’Toole, conceded defeat early on Tuesday, despite his Conservative party leading in the national popular vote.O’Toole's centrist campaign failed to persuade enough voters to toss out ...

Some Afghan allies will be left behind, UK defence secretary concedes

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The UK defence secretary has admitted “some people will not get back” as Britain tries to evacuate Afghan allies from Kabul, along with its own citizens, with British forces aiming to repatriate more than 1,000 people...

Keir Starmer concedes Labour has lost the trust of working people

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The Conservatives inflicted a historic byelection defeat on Labour and regained the Tees Valley mayoralty by a landslide as Keir Starmer conceded his party had lost the trust of working people across England. The Labo...

UK Covid rates may rise because of vaccine delay, adviser concedes

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Covid infections could rise as a result of the delay in people in their 40s and younger getting their vaccinations, a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has conceded. Adam Finn, who a...