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‘A catastrophic failure’: computer scientist Hany Farid on why violent videos circulate on the internet

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In the aftermath of yet another racially motivated shooting that was live-streamed on social media, tech companies are facing fresh questions about their ability to effectively moderate their platforms. Payton Gendron...

‘Computer says road’: call for change to ‘crude’ planning models

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“Crude” computer programs that prioritise new road building should be banned from the design of new housing because they cause billions to be diverted to roads that could be used for creating more compact communities,...

Brexi: EU women fear losing jobs and housing over UK computer glitch

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Women who applied for EU settled status in the UK under their married names may struggle to access jobs and housing because of a government computer anomaly, ha surgido. Many have been left unable to prove their s...

The computer will see you now: is your therapy session about to be automated?

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In just a few years, your visit to the psychiatrist’s office could look very different – at least according to Daniel Barron. Your doctor could benefit by having computers analyze recorded interactions with you, inclu...

Most British adults played computer games during the pandemic, says Ofcom

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Most British adults played computer games during the pandemic after the lockdown gave people the time to indulge in releases such as Animal Crossing and contributed to a shortage of next-generation game consoles. Rese...

Scientists may have solved ancient mystery of ‘first computer

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From the moment it was discovered more than a century ago, scholars have puzzled over the Antikythera mechanism, a remarkable and baffling astronomical calculator that survives from the ancient world. The hand-powered...