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Post-Brexit deals must not compromise UK food standards, says trade body

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Post-Brexit trade deals will not allow the UK’s high standards of food and animal welfare to be reduced, if the government follows new guidelines published on Tuesday, the chief of the independent advisory trade and a...

‘Real compromise’ possible on Biden infrastructure plan, key Republican says

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Negotiations with Joe Biden over a potentially massive infrastructure investment package are inching forward even though disagreements remain over the size and scope of such legislation, Republican senator Shelley Moo...

Obama backs Manchin’s voting rights compromise before crucial Senate vote

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Barack Obama has backed conservative West Virginia Democratic senator Joe Manchin’s voting rights proposal, calling it a “product of compromise” as the landmark legislation struggles towards a crucial vote in the US S...

Compromise will be key to ending the Ukraine crisis

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Gabrielle Rifkind’s point that a willingness to compromise by all sides is the only way out of an unfolding international crisis certainly holds true (I’m a conflict mediator. This is our way out of the Ukraine crisis...