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‘I felt completely lost’: the actors navigating an arts crisis and long Covid

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Nel 2019, the actor and director Helen Oakleigh was hired to stage a number of shows in China that would be playing throughout 2020. They flew from London to Wuhan on 1 January last year and then on to Chengdu but, soo...

Gossip Girl review – completely stupid in all the wrong ways

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None of us realised how good we had it in 2007, in our pre-Trump, pre-Brexit, pre-Covid bubble. We even had a Labour government, for chrissakes. And we had Gossip Girl, a perfect confection of madness, the bubbles at ...

Good luck, Gareth Southgate – one goal could completely change what people say about you

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The last Champions League final I presented on television was in 2014. Real Madrid, a team of superstars, played Atlético Madrid, a team of marginally less super superstars. Atlético scored in the first half and still...

‘Completely false’: Victoria says Coalition can’t blame state for commuter car park failure

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The Victorian government says it is “completely false” for the federal assistant treasurer, Michael Sukkar, to blame the state for the commonwealth failing to build one of its controversial commuter car parks. The pro...