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Brahms: Complete Songs Vol 1 – Opp 32, 43, 86 en 105 resensie

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Over the last decade and more, no Lieder recitals have given me more intense pleasure than those by the tenor Christoph Prégardien. Though he is now in his mid 60s, and his voice has inevitably lost some of its former...

Europese samevatting: Juventus complete comeback in 4-3 win over Roma

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Juventus scored three goals in seven second-half minutes to complete an astonishing comeback and beat Roma 4-3 after Wojciech Szczesny saved a late penalty to keep them in front at the Stadio Olimpico. Tammy Abraham p...

The Complete Music of Anton Webern review

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In the decades after the second world war it was the music of Anton Webern, rather than that of his teacher Arnold Schoenberg, that provided the starting point for the revolution launched by the composers of the Europ...

Patriots complete just two passes but still beat Bills to take control of AFC East

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Damien Harris scored on a 64-yard run in blustery conditions on a night when Mac Jones attempted just three passes, and the New England Patriots shored up their familiar place atop the AFC with a 14-10 win over the Bu...

Starmer says Boris Johnson’s social care plans are a ‘complete betrayal’ of north of England – UK politics live

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Nuutste opdaterings: Labour leader intensifies attack on the government’s social care plan, calling it the latest in a ‘string of broken promises’ from Tories

I am not a complete idiot – but try telling that to my mum

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I had a big meal to cook a couple of days ago but my oven was broken, so I was doing it all at my mother’s. Her place is full of ovens. Even her wee microwave has a conventional function more reliable than any range c...

Pakistan agrees one-month ‘complete ceasefire’ with local Taliban militants

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Pakistani authorities and local Taliban militants have agreed a one-month ceasefire which may be extended if both sides agree, opening the possibility of a fuller peace accord to help end years of bloodshed. The Pakis...

From The Card Counter to Diana Ross: a complete guide to this week’s entertainment

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Whether it is Vegas gamblers, Peruvian art treasures or one-off jazz collaborations you’re after, our critics have your plans for the week covered Sat 6 Nov 2021 02.00 EDT ...

Rutherford and Fry’s Complete Guide to Absolutely Everything audiobook review – easygoing education

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At the start of their Complete Guide to Absolutely Everything, the authors confess the title is a fraud, pointing to the tiny asterisk and the word “abridged” that appears in the printed version. But if scientist Adam...

Silverview by John le Carré review – the last complete masterwork?

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While it’s perhaps true that the posthumous publications of the recently deceased have a tendency to be more or less reviewer-proof, the good news is that Silverview, the 26th novel from John le Carré, who died last D...

From Bond to Becky Hill: a complete guide to this week’s entertainment

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Whether it is a live gig, a new film or a game to play at home, our critics have your plans for this week covered Sat 2 Oct 2021 01.00 EDT No Time to Die...

Going out, staying in: a complete guide to this week’s entertainment

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Whether it is a live gig, a new film or a game to play at home, our critics have your plans for this week covered Sat 25 Sep 2021 01.00 EDT GagarineOut n...

‘It was complete pandemonium’: the towns grappling with bear attacks

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The grizzly bear had already poked around the camping site before being shooed away, but this time it wasn’t to be deterred. After it caught the waft of stashed food in its nostrils, the bear tore into the tent’s canv...

Premiership rugby 2021-22: complete club-by-club guide to the season

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Bath continue to run hot and cold with much depending on how quickly Danny Cipriani settles into the No 10 berth in place of the steadier Rhys Priestland who has returned home to Wales. Bath will miss forwards Zach Me...

India complete turnaround to win vintage Test against England

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England arrived on the final morning of the fourth Test dreaming of a famous chase against India but left with their tail between their legs, outclassed in a 157-run defeat at the Oval. The home side needed 291 in thr...

Penderecki: Complete Quartets review

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Krzysztof Penderecki’s four numbered string quartets do not trace the course of his creative development anything like as faithfully as, sê, the six quartets of Bartók or the five of Elliott Carter map the progress o...

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