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South Africa set for battle over legacy of ‘moral compass’ Desmond Tutu

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From the moment he resigned from his post as a schoolteacher rather than comply with the orders of the racist, repressive apartheid regime in South Africa in 1958, Desmond Tutu never deviated from his principles, figh...

The Guardian view on English football governance: in need of a moral compass

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It was perhaps the writer and journalist Arthur Hopcraft who got closest to the heart of the visceral appeal of our national game. In The Football Man, published two years after England won the World Cup in 1966, Hopc...

The Guardian view on Fortress Europe: a continent losing its moral compass

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Seventy years ago, il 1951 UN refugee convention established the rights of refugees to seek sanctuary, and the obligations of states to protect them. Increasingly, it seems that much of Europe is choosing to commemor...

Compass Group profits slump as Covid keeps office canteens closed

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Sales and profits have slumped at the catering firm Compass Group as the pandemic kept canteens closed at factories, offices and schools. Operating profit fell to £290m in the six months to the end of March, down 65% ...

When it comes to the Qatar World Cup, look north to find a moral compass

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While we should expect no better from the ghouls at Fifa, it remains an enduring ignominy that over a decade after their decision to grant World Cup 2022 to Qatar, apparently widespread global indifference means the t...