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‘Revolutionary in a quiet way’: the rise of community gardens in the UK

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“The first melon of the season always tastes amazing,” says Lucy Mitchell. “I don’t think anyone has ever taken one home – every year, we just cut them into as many slices as there are people in the garden and make su...

From crackpot Covid theorists to antivaxxers, hubris and fear haunt the wellness community

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It’s not unusual to meet people with alternative beliefs at a Sufi meditation course on a rooftop in Ubud. But when a mild, vaguely apologetic Australian woman in her mid-50s explained to me that she was responsible f...

Peaceophobia review – how to build a car and a community

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There’s a striking moment in Peaceophobia when the cars – the scene-stealers of Common Wealth’s new show – start speaking back. While one of the performers tries to tell us the history of his beloved VW Golf, a voice ...

Last member of Afghanistan’s Jewish community leaves country

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The last member of Afghanistan’s Jewish community has left the country. Zebulon Simentov, who lived in a dilapidated synagogue in Kabul, kept kosher and prayed in Hebrew, endured decades of war as the country’s centur...

New Zealand stabbings: nation rallies behind Muslim community

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New Zealand has responded to its first terror attack by an Islamic state-inspired extremist with an outpouring of support from and for the Muslim community, as leaders emphasise that the actions of the attacker must n...

‘We do it together’: how a Lake Tahoe community prepared to flee the Caldor fire

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There is only one way out of the Golden Bear neighborhood in South Lake Tahoe, and as the flames of the Caldor fire crept closer on Monday that could easily have turned into a catastrophe. But as the fire bore down on...

Spate of attacks across UK sparks fear among LGBTQ+ community

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Two weeks ago, Ranjith “Roy” Kankanamalage 50, was discovered with a fatal head injury in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, east London. The brutal attack was, police believe, motivated by homophobia and a man has been arr...

Shepparton’s multicultural community ‘on the brink’ in Covid lockdown

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The Goulburn Valley highway, which stretches north-south through Shepparton, is usually busy with an endless rumble of trucks a constant passing through the city centre en route from Brisbane to Melbourne. In previous...

A community in the heart of Tottenham has shown how to fight the developers – and win

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The message lit up her phone late last Thursday afternoon, and as soon as Vicky Alvarez saw it the tears came. She ducked out of her meeting, hurried to the loo and began phoning family. “We’ve won,” she told them. “...

The Guardian view on Antwerp: lessons from a crossroads community

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Many countries contain a city, sometimes more than one, that has acquired world fame while at the same time being an overlooked destination for busy visitors. In Europe, these cities are often places with long histori...

Coronavirus live nuus: NZ reports first community case in 8 maande, US expected to introduce booster shots

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Authorities in Auckland are racing to discover the source of New Zealand’s first community transmission case since February while Americans are reportedly set to begin receiving booster shots from next month

New Zealand reports first Covid-19 case in community since February

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New Zealand has a new case of Covid-19 transmission in the community, Ministry of Health officials have confirmed. The news will be greeted with dismay in the country, which has not had a case of transmission in the c...

Allotment wars! How community vegetable patches have become a battleground

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Naam: Allotment wars. Ouderdom: There have been heated arguments over allotments for ever, or at least since there have been allotments. But this one is new. Which one? The one in the village of Bearsted in Kent. What’s t...

Fan fatigue dulled Community Shield but Jack Grealish’s role was revealing

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The good news is that, unless José Mourinho has turned up looking dishevelled, the Community Shield very rarely means anything. Every year we go through the rigmarole, sifting the entrails for clues to the season ahea...

Army troops enforcing western Sydney lockdown will alienate community, advocates warn

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The deployment of troops to enforce Sydney’s lockdown could alienate the community and fuel vaccine hesitancy, particularly in the hard-hit western suburbs where many Indigenous Australians and migrants and refugees l...

Community museums shortlisted for UK’s most lucrative arts prize

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Five museums which excelled in staying connected with communities through the pandemic, whether that was offering virtual trips to the pub or artist-led activity packs, have been shortlisted for the UK’s most lucrativ...

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