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‘I don’t have a choice’: Hurricane Ida leaves devastated Louisiana communities struggling with new reality

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As they sifted through the wreckage of their childhood home in Mount Airy, members of the Robinson family were hunting for memories. They came in the form of a dozen family photo albums, somehow preserved amid the rub...

Hair Truck: Spanish pair’s mobile salon brings styling to cut-off communities

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When Natalia López travels to her parents’ village in northern Spain, she packs the essentials: scissors, combs and clippers. As the Zaragoza-based hairdresser strolls the streets of Huesa del Común, an isolated hamle...

Federal Covid taskforce’s vaccination surge in Indigenous communities, a ‘mad scramble’ ALP says

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The federal government’s Covid taskforce says it is planning a “surge” in vaccinations in dozens of Indigenous communities across Australia – a move the opposition says shows it has so far “completely stuffed up” the ...

The Guardian view on the Art Fund Museums Prize: serving communities

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In living memory, there has been no worse year for museums and galleries, along with many other arts organisations. With closure forced on them by the pandemic, they were unable to earn money from ticket sales, shops ...

Sarfraz Manzoor on how prejudice works both ways in British Muslim communities

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When the broadcaster, author and journalist Sarfraz Manzoor started his career, he wrote mostly about the British Muslim experience. But doing this soon grew to feel reductive. Editors would shoehorn his Muslim identi...

May I have a word about… alpaca owners and other communities

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A volte, I feel as if I’m a voice crying in the wilderness. It was only last month that I railed against the use of “community” and yet what did I find last week but another egregious example. “Defra needs to convin...

‘All that’s left are ashes’: Italian communities count cost of wildfires

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As with most farmers living in the remote towns of the Aspromonte mountain range in Calabria, southern Italy, Nicola Fortugno’s land was his life. The 79-year-old refused to be evacuated when flames engulfed Piraino, ...

German government urged to do more to help rebuild flood-hit communities

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Three weeks after catastrophic floods in western Germany devastated communities and claimed at least 187 vite, those affected are calling on the government to increase its effort to salvage homes and businesses. More...

Black and Latino communities are left behind in Covid-19 vaccination efforts

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When vaccines became increasingly available throughout America, US health officials moved quickly to try to convince large numbers of Americans to get vaccinated. But amid the mass vaccination rollout, Black and Latin...

‘Strong perception’ that Tory party is insensitive to Muslim communities, report finds – politics live

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: independent review into alleged Islamophobia in the Conservative party finds anti-Muslim sentiment at local association and individual levels

Greyhound Canada to end intercity routes in blow to rural communities

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Greyhound Canada will permanently cease its intercity bus operations, the company has announced, as losses mounted and ridership plunged from the effects of coronavirus pandemic. News of the company’s exit comes as a ...

Communities step up: private groups ready to cover costs and support refugees to Australia

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Più di 20 community groups are prepared to immediately begin privately sponsoring refugees to Australia should the federal government approve a new program modelled on a Canadian policy. Alcuni 42,000 people have sig...

‘Let us all stop living in silos’: how one woman is transforming lives in Australia’s migrant communities

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A striking early moment in the warm, humanistic documentary Rosemary’s Way depicts a group of women standing on a grassy hill in triangular formation beneath a milky blue sky. They are migrants to Australia, coming fr...

UK’s south Asian communities worst-hit in Covid second wave, lo studio trova

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People in the UK’s south Asian communities were more likely to test positive for Covid, become severely ill and die than any other minority ethnic group in the country’s second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, accord...

Dozens of First Nations communities still lack safe water despite Trudeau pledge

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Curve Lake First Nation, a forested community in southern Canada, is surrounded on three sides by fresh water. But for decades, residents have been unable to safely make use of it. Wary of crumbling infrastructure and...

Native communities confront painful choice: move away, or succumb to rising waters?

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At any moment, on any school day, the entire future of the Quileute Tribe is at risk. The Quileute tribal school is located within a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean, which has been a source of life for the Quileu...

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