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Tsunami-hit Tonga faces communication challenges, says Jacinda Ardern – video

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The prime minister of New Zealand told a news conference on Sunday that contact had not been established with coastal areas beyond the capital, Nuku’alofa, after a tsunami hit Tonga following an underwater volcanic er...

Met police officer due in court on charge of sexual communication with a child

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A Metropolitan police officer is due to appear in court on Monday charged with sexual communication with a child. PC Will Scott-Barrett, who is based in the Met’s intelligence command, was charged in November after an...

Branching out: is communication possible between trees and people?

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Why can’t we communicate with trees the same way we communicate with, sê, elephants? Both live in social groups and look after not only their young but also their elders. That famous elephant memory is also found in ...

‘The process is shockingly void of communication’: how a graphic novel aims to illuminate IVF

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A man stands in the doorway of a bathroom, brushing his teeth. His wife lies in bed, reading. “So… ummm… are we going to…?” she asks. He pauses for a moment, then enters the bedroom. They have a conversation about sex...