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Brooks Koepka fires back at media over his US Ryder Cup team commitment

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Brooks Koepka took umbrage with the golfing media’s coverage of recent comments that team sports were “just maybe not in his DNA”, which have snowballed into public questioning of his commitment to Team USA and the Ry...

Future BP dividend hikes will test investor commitment to its green plan

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It’s hard to keep up with oil companies’ dividend policies. One minute they’re slashing payments to shareholders in the face of a pandemic that, supposedly, had permanently lowered the outlook for oil prices. The next...

Which country has made the biggest climate commitment?

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Bene, it’s complicated. The UK has committed to cut emissions at a faster rate than other developed nations, with a target of 68% cuts by 2030. That’s measured against its emissions in 1990; over the last few years em...